We Young


woojin gets kicked out of the house. his friends are hopeless. he's lucky to meet hyungseob.


hi its been years since i started writing again. and i decided on writing jinseob. wheezes, hopefully you'll like it. also unedited. its like 3am right now. also im pretty sure yall will know who's who in the gc.

also forgive the lapslock, except for daehwi and seonho screaming

also title is from my babies nct dream - we young. ive been playing it on loop while writing this whole thing. nothing else. idk what to title this

also a slight spoiler of the boss baby movie. sweats.

gc names:
yisntonlynielhyung - jihoon
seoulsaram - woojin
thebaeofallbaes - jinyoung
ohmygod - samuel
ilovekkullie - haknyeon 
magumagu - daehwi
shibaenthusiast - guanlin 
foodislife - seonho
bunnyseobie - hyungseob

extra tags: exes 2park, jihoon gets 1 line, everyone in the gc are the same age, i think its a uni au, seonlin if you squint

cross posted at ao3 too.



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MizuDrop #1
Chapter 1: Wait I love your notes HAHAHA
I hope you're okay now~
And the story is super cute!! I love Samuel omg "I'm priceless"
Chapter 1: Omg this was a very great run a way of getting a break up. Woojin and Hyungseob did great too in this story, I like it so much.
Chapter 1: This was REALLY GOOD! And different from other stories, I didn't feel the end was rush, I also didn't expect any progress on their one-day-hangout-relationship because HELLO, they just met. I really like it, it was refreshing and I like how the end is open for the reader to keep imagining what could become of their relationship. I wouldn't mind another chapter, but this one shot isn't lacking and I enjoyed it.
Chapter 1: yessss an epilogue would be nice if it isnt too much to ask (ノ)'ω`(ヾ) i'm enjoying this story!
InGukiiieee #5
Chapter 1: Maybe an epilogue would be cool hahaha great story authornimmmm. Please do think about making an epilogue or -cough- more chapters -cough- hahahaha xoxo much love authornimmm