FanFiction Suho

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FanFiction Suho
or Our Leader is a SULAY shipper



Suho loves Sulay and is a secret fanfiction author and reader and Yixing is a curious snoop.



   Grabbing it, he looked at the phone and noticed it immediately that it was Junmyeon's. He didn't want to be a snoop and is on his way to putting it back when he felt it vibrate again and this continued for another minute till Yixing got annoyed and looked the notifications.

   “Missed call from Jonghyun Hyung”

   “Text from Minho" Minho - Yah don't you ever disturb my time with Jonghyun again you idiot!

   “Chanyeol posted another photo” He sighs as it shows a picture of the giant and Sehun in a selfie “This guy since when did this guy turn from a gullible giant to a selfie master” he said as he swiped down and  thought hit him “Baekhyun" he mentally agreed before going down at a particular notification.

ExoSulay4ever has followed your story


   “Asianfanfic?.......story?........Is Hyung a writer?” he asked himself as he returned the phone back to the deal with more questions than ever.

Yo guys good news i finally finished writting this fic and all that i need is to post it. Haha 7 chaps in total so stay tuned *wink wink*

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