The Moment I Fall For You Once More


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B1A4 - The Moment I fall for you once more


There’s a pretty lady in front of my eyes
There’s no lies in her bright and transparent eyes
There’s no lies to you

I’m falling again for your charms
Will you please give me all of your lovely self
When you have bits of food by your lips when you eat
When you don’t tie your shoelaces properly
And they undo themselves as you walk
No matter how lacking you are you just look pretty in my eyes
I think I’ve fallen for you



Jungkook is younger then Suzy but he can't help it, to fall again and again for her charm









Jungkook saw each person who entered the coffee shop that can be known with the sound of bells above the door that will sound wheneveryone goes in. Jungkook smiles broadly as he sees the pretty lady who just went inside, Suzy searches the whole room and smile wide as she sees Jungkook, There's no lies in her bright and transparent eyes, There's no lies in her





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Hi hi everyone I waiting for While You were sleeping now and I feel it's soo Fxxking long time, did you wait for the drama too?? Suzy and Jongsuk are LOVE ^_^ and BTW thanks for read my story

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Chapter 2: This story is so adorable!
Hopefully you will update soon!
I would love to see how their interactions will become in the future!
Chapter 1: so interesting!!
excited for nexr chapter.. i think name of park jimin is boy but women ?
erynlovely #3
Chapter 1: first comment! hahaha omg this story is damn good. i hope they confess their feelings very soon. good job author-nim!