-- don't speak to strangers, especially if you first encounter them with rotten brain matter slathered on their clothing. 


additional information

   pairing ;; shin hoseok & im changkyun (wonkyun)
rating ;; [pg13+] -- rating will rise
warnings (read thoroughly before proceeding) ;;
  • zombie apocalypse storyline
  • heavy themes; angst, betrayal, etc.
  • mentions of death/scenes involving character death
  • gore, violence, explicit language
  • ual themes; to be announced.
  • + more ...


i've returned with another story. however this time, it's much more lengthy compared to my last few one-shots. [X] [X]

it'll have several chapters, though it might be a little extensive especially since the draft that i came up with for this story is over 25,000 words... i'll have to figure out how to divide that up and add onto it as well as editing it to a comprehensible reading level. it's a whole mess.

i was inspired while watching some clips from the tv show, the walking dead as well as movies like dawn of the dead (1978) and night of the living dead (1968). i recommend both films if you are interested in what the origins of zombies were like before they became what they are now. 

not only that, kendrick lamar's and rihanna's recent song and music video together really made me want to incorporate some of those elements into this fic.
check out their video if you're interested in seeing their collaboration. ➡️ [X]

thank you so much for clicking on my story and reading through my foreword. i really appreciate every view, comment and subscribe! 

please take note of the warnings above.

i hope you like 'loyalty.'

[17117] hi guys! sorry for being on hiatus for so long. school really has been juicing me out. update(s) coming soon + a playlist. (:

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Chapter 2: wonkyun is one of my favorite ship and i swear you are literally a blessing to us. thank you. you write so well, your descriptions are on point. i'm looking forward to your future updates! :))
wonkyun is not my otp but i'll give this a try :) can't wait to see how the story will unfold