Be With Me, Girl

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Sungjae knows he is ruined when he thinks the world had somehow stopped when his best friend starts smiling.

It all started with this one sentence from her.

"I actually like you back then in middle school"

Now he is a ruin love-struck fool.


Yook Sungjae

Park Sooyoung (Joy)




Prologue: Where it All Started

Sungjae rushed through the bus and put a bag next to his seat. One girl eyed the seat trying to look cute while doing it.

He genuinely said "sorry."

" leave me!" Joy, the late comer, whined as she huffed and panted after running.

"You so slow." He shouted. "Sit here." He said annoyingly.

She grumbled and bumped her bag on the seat... "I’m so sleepy.." she yawned and naturally, she linked her arms with his... pulling him closer as she laid her head on his shoulder.

He smiled like a lovestruck fool but she never sees it. As much as she was not aware that he ran into the bus leaving her because he was afraid she wouldn’t be able to sit

This was normal for them.

Perfectly normal.

Too normal that they don’t realize that they are in love with each other






"Can you stop giggling like that?"

"Like what?!"

"Like that!"


"Geez, i cannot help this girl"

Ottoke she is too cute

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krnokt #1
Chapter 1: THIS IS SO GOOD!!!! Can u please add more chapter bcs this is so damn good
kuroihikari #2
Chapter 1: Nice n sweet story! Sungjae is so adorable here