Tempting Revenge

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Byun Baekhyun, the youngest of the royal family of vampires falls in love with the hunter son of the Park family, Park Chanyeol. Madly in love he hopes that he can create a future with Chanyeol but when he finds his family dead one morning he knows that Chanyeol did just use him as a tool to exterminate out his entire family. 

The royal prince changes in the hope that one day he will get the revenge he deserves.


"And in that moment I knew my reason to wander on earth wasn't to love Chanyeol but to watch how he takes his last breath." 


Genre: Supernatural (Vampires), Angst, Romance, Horror, (/Fluff)

Warnings: lots of blood, mention of death, mental and physical abuse, scenes

Reminder: My first language isn't English


This is another one of my stories wolfies, I hope you'll like and support this story. <3


Wattpad: bcdwolf


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wookielove92 #1
Chapter 3: Well done fighting
Kosk123 #2
This story excites me so much! Please continue the amazing work! :)
elyssaaaa #3
Chapter 2: This is very exciting so far!! I'm enjoying it very much <3
chanbaekiloveu #5
Chapter 2: , this is some awesome ~~
I can't put it in words because this is absolutly amazing!!
I want to read moreeeee~~ ㅠ.ㅠ
I'm excited to read the next chapter

Ps. I love Baekhyun here already, he is a bit mysterious, but he is so much more and ughhhh ♥♥
Chapter 2: aww, its really good, keep it up...
Rijat1 #7
Chapter 1: I Love this already please continue
wookielove92 #8
Chapter 1: Please cintibue
mariamxo #9
Please continue!!
The plot sounds really good. Can't wait to read the next chapter.
maisawastaken #10
Chapter 1: You should definitely continue this story. There are few grammatical errors but the story seems promising. You can do better. Fighting :)