Tempting Revenge

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Byun Baekhyun, the youngest of the royal family of vampires falls in love with the hunter son of the Park family, Park Chanyeol. Madly in love he hopes that he can create a future with Chanyeol but when he finds his family dead one morning he knows that Chanyeol did just use him as a tool to exterminate out his entire family. 

The royal prince changes in the hope that one day he will get the revenge he deserves.


"And in that moment I knew my reason to wander on earth wasn't to love Chanyeol but to watch how he takes his last breath." 


Genre: Supernatural (Vampires), Angst, Romance, Horror, (/Fluff)

Warnings: lots of blood, mention of death, mental and physical abuse, scenes

Reminder: My first language isn't English


This is another one of my stories wolfies, I hope you'll like and support this story. <3


Wattpad: bcdwolf


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312 streak #1
Chapter 13: Gosh I love this. It all seems to be that Chanyeol didn't kill Baekhyun's parents, but I'm really curious about what happened and why he lied ><
I love the characters especially because Baekhyun is a vampire. And this is just so well written, I really like it so far. I can't get enough of this. Thank you so much for writing this, it's perfect ❤❤❤
vejiyeonfan #2
Chapter 13: i want more i really want chanyeol apov on what happened in past
swaggieme13 #3
Chapter 12: Definitely still reading! I was so excited to see an update. I am, personally, a fan of the plot and your writing.
Chapter 12: Yaaas, update! I love this story so much!
Chapter 11: I am so in love with this! I just can't believe that Chanyeol would have killed Baekhyun's parents. I can't help but wonder if it some sort of shapeshifter or something.
Chapter 11: my heart hurt so much for Chanyeol bc I do believe he didn't kill Baekhyun's parents. there must have sth to do with wendy but ;; I love this update, thank you <3
Chapter 11: I feel like Wendy killed their parents and Chanyeol tried to kill her and took the blane for her so Baekhyun could hate him and not Wendy until he was ready to learn the truth
chanbaekiloveu #9
Chapter 10: Poor Baekhyun
Poor Chanyeol
Poor Yixing
Everything is so messed up... Everybody is hurt but I sincerly hope all three can get a happy ending! And I'm rooting for ChanBaek, they both deserve to get together again and be happy
Chapter 10: poor yixing..