Into Hunhan's Bubble Tea Cup:Fic Rec

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A happy hunhan equals a happy shipper. This a fic rec for every hunhan fic I have read wherein hunhan ends up together.

There are lots of quality hunhan fics here at aff and other sites that were published by brilliant authors who took

the time to share their stories. 


Stories will be marked with complete,rated m and on going (you've been warned haha) Click the title for you to be directed to the fic. I'm not forcing you guys but it would be nice if you comment or upvote on the author's stories (not on this  fic rec). This fic rec is solely dedicated to HUNHAN







I'm delu for selu since 2012. HunHan  feels like I've inhaled pixie dust,tastes like cotton candy and smells like strawberries. I made this fic rec for all the stories I've read since 2012. It's sad that several authors of some fics deactivated so yeah I cannot access anymore the stories that really meant alot for me. So I decided to  recommend hunhan fics here before it will be deactivated (i hope not). 


Also please do check the    SELUBRATION LJ   page. It has 5 rounds of hunhan fics.
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Chapter 95: stay strong dear.
Chapter 3: This one is my favourite
Selulululuhunnie #4
Chapter 90: And Nothing Serious by clubchicken, it is really good.
Selulululuhunnie #5
Chapter 90: Can I suggest a fic here? A man causes Stampede by Keitmeg
This fic rec makes me very happy ;;
Selulululuhunnie #7
Chapter 75: Let's unite hunhan shippers! We shouldn't let the ship sink. They will stay forever in our hearts. As long as we are here, hunhan will stay alive.
Chapter 75: Let’s stay strong together! We have already come this far I am sure we can continue! <3 Our love to hunhan is way deeper than this, such a news is expected so it cannot break us.
deermybunny #9
Chapter 75: Yeaaahhh!! I'm sad too about the news.. Its like a sudden storm come crashing down my world.. TT___TT
But no matter what, Hunhan will always be my fav ship forever.. They will always stay in my heart.. Bcoz they make my life better when I have a hard time..
So, lets fighting together.. Let's keep sailing and support them.. I'm gonna learn to be a wise and better person too.. :)
And I'll not leave this ship, coz I still ship them no matter what happen.. ^^
ruhanlu #10
Chapter 75: Let's stick together with this lovely ship, I honestly cried a bit after the info sank to my head lol but yeah I'm still happy for him