If You


Name changed from 'IU' to 'Jieun'

Name changed from 'G-DRAGON' to 'Kwon Jiyong'


I came up with a one shot (or maybe more chapters) with a whole new story in between the original one. (This Kind Of Relationship)

It actually is inspired by the cover 'If You' of Jieunie (god she was freaking beautiful, I still watch it in 2017 who's with me?)

I hope you guys enjoy and let's see if I can write more about this one.

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inten17eu #1
Chapter 10: I really miss this story ? please continue it authornim.. I beg you..
catexrdgs #2
Chapter 10: I miss this :(
inten17eu #3
Chapter 10: please update something :(
Chapter 10: I think its last dance? Dunno. Wkwkwk love them so hard. Update soon
Nampoon #5
Chapter 10: Thank you for updating
I really like without you (finally) too
GD&IU seems to have same music taste since they really love Rose voice
They both even work with Sunghajung
IU for autumn moring and perform that xx with GD
Lexexy28 #6
Chapter 10: I think it's IF YOU... Thank you for the update author-nim. Looking forward for the next chapter! Aja! :D GD x IU fighting!
inten17eu #7
Chapter 10: ahh cute :)
so its in 2016..
maybe its fxxk it? hahah I dont know
really.. cant wait for 22th!!!! excited ^^
ggexotica #8
Chapter 10: I think it's "Untitled 2014"
Oooh so it's called Finally. I've heard the song before but never knew the title.
Ooooh sweet chapter and the "voice" calls become "video" calls. Thanks for this update :)
takuna98 #9
Chapter 10: ❤️❤️❤️ love your story ?❤️
starlighttt396 #10
Chapter 10: I think it's "untitled 2014" haha - people will say in the next chapter or so that it's better to put that song in his album rather than the group's album hehehe.
also gd is right: their friendship wouldn't have been similar if she and taeyang ended up together lol. besides I personally think that they are just too similar in personalities with each other to actually really be romantically compatible (but I don't mind if they become friends xD). iu is essentially the female version of taeyang so what she needs is someone whom we all know for sure who is super close to taeyang ;) lol
anyways thank you for your update sweetheart! I like it ♥♥♥