New Rules

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She hated herself. She ruined the only good thing she had in her life all because she couldn't face what she had done. She lost her. 



finally the fic you've been waiting for is up and running. I decided to keep the name the same as the one shot because it's just a good title so :p 

for those just coming in and you don't know what im talking about, i have a collection of one shots about blackpink and two of those one shots are connected to this story. i highly recommend going to read those two just so you aren't confused!

New Rules (part 1)

I Count Them (part 2)

I hope you guys can see this? Lol just wanted to say if i were to make another fic, id prob try to do a high school au maybe? I'd have both jensoo and chaelisa but since this was jensoo based, i think id want that one more focused on chaelisa. what do you guys think?
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