My Best Friend's a Wingman

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There are 3 important things you should know about Skylar.
 One, she likes Sehun ever since freshman year.
 Two, Kai is her best friend since forever.
 Three, it’s not ideal to ask Kai to be your wingman, but because Skylar is desperate, she asks him anyway.







p r e v i e w / s n i p p e t

“You wanted brutal honesty. I'm giving you brutal honesty. Guys are simple-minded. They see cleavage and they're wagging their tails left and right.”

“Prick,” I mutter. “Don't make me regret asking for your judgment. What else?”

Kai scans me up and down, eyes like a hawk hunting for its prey. “Your lips.” Um. Okay? What's wrong with my lips? I send him a confused look and he appears simultaneously taken aback and insulted that I have no clue. “Why are they chapped all the time? It's like a guys repellent.”

I move my hand to smack him but he blocks my hit. “God I really hate you right now,” I groan.

“Trust me, having sisters I notice all the important details.”

Though annoyed, I can't believe I'm considering all of his so-called advice right now. “So what should I do?”

He claps his hands together as if he's a coach guiding his player to the right track. “S.B.H.T.”

“Come again?”

“Lip Scrub, lip Balm, Hydrate—as in drink your water—then, lip Tint.”

“You seem proud to know this grooming technique.”

“Minus the tint, why do you think girls can't resist these lips?” He winks, causing me to roll my eyes even harder.

“Gross. Please spare me the gory details.”






A Modern Century Play: GIVE ME A CHANCE

location: asianfanfic foreword box

description: A long time ago, in a foreword box, comes a skeptical reader and a persistent author whose one pitiful, sad wish in life is for new readers to give her story a chance.


you, a skeptical reader: (randomly stumbles upon this story, scoffs at the cliche title and description) why should i bother reading this story?


me: does the thought of swimmer!kai make your heart skip a beat???

me: are you tired of unlikeable but somehow too perfect original character???



you: . . . well, yes? but all of them is the same. girl's secretly in love with guy best friend. girl confesses to her guy best frie--

me: no!!! this is different, i swear you!!! skylar isn't in love with kai yet. I REPEAT. SKYLAR ISN'T IN LOVE WITH KAI. in fact, she wants him to help her with bae sehun. that's pretty different, eh? (wiggles brows at cha)

you: wait, so then how does skylar catch feelings for kai??

me: if you want to know... you should read to find out (points two index fingers as playful finger guns)

you: ugh, why is this 'Subscribers Only'?? that means i have to subscribe to read. no thanks.

me: how about this? try reading four chapters in and if you're not hooked yet, you're free to UNSUBSCRIBE and think that i at writing!!

you: fair enough... but what if i do like it?





me: see, i didn't expect that... well, (slides you a twenty dollar bill across the table) subscribe?? upvote?? leave your thoughts through the comments?? (looks at you with pleading eyes)

you: and...why did you write this fake script and dialogue of us two just to convince me to read my best friend's a wingman?

me: (sweats nervously) i have too much time on my hands


finals are over! stay tuned for chap 26 of my best friends a wingman!!

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Chapter 27: Hadn't been on AF in a while and saw you had updated, YAY! Take your time! But also know I'm looking forward to the rest of your story. I won't unsubscribe stories if they don't get updated in while, I always stay subscribed to stories I like, unfinished/hiatus or finished. If it takes too long I might forget the storyline, but good stories deserve upvotes and subribers, no matter if they're on hiatus or if the story is finished. I sometimes reread stories from my subscriptions, because I know I like(d) them.
So, take the time you need and know your readers will wait, because it's worth the wait ;) <3
Birgitte99 #2
Chapter 27: I really miss your story. I'm a total skyhun shipper right now, but I can feel my skailyr feelimg breaking through the cracks. I have a feeling either Skylar is going to hurt Sehun, ooooor Sehun is going to hurt Skylar :| Is that weird? I hope not.. but anyway I LOVE HOW I DON'T KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING
TSantos -1 points #3
Update please :(
Chapter 27: Hey, I'm 21. I miss this fic so much and it's nice reading ur work...u do such a great job with it..I especially loved the diary analogue. .it was a good one. I pray u get better soon and if it's any consolation u do such an amazing work as a writer.
Armyismyfam #5
I’m 15. Also this is such a cute story and I can’t wait to see the romance development between Kai and Skylar although I love their friendship a lot too. Vernon is such a cute piece of lol have a nice day
Aida_Rusdi #6
Chapter 27: I'm twenty. How bout you dear?
Chapter 27: Aww this chapter was really cute~ I hope you feel better, don't feel rushed to update, your heath comes before the story! I was thinking that the story was taking awhile to update then I realized it hasn't been that long and This story has just spoiled meXD Anyway this chapter was really good, it took me awhile to get around to reading it but I'm glad I remembered to read it while I was eatingXD
Chapter 27: Olivia is my spirit animal.

And I don't even bother planning anymore. It just never goes according to plan so ehh.. Why waste my time and then get frustrated when I can just go with the flow and accept them as they are...
Chapter 27: Ok lemme say, i just loveee Olivia's character. She's just so funny!! I'm glad Skylar found such a good friend.. it doesnt like Olivia likes Kai a lot for something to happen between them though. Hmmmmm i'm so curios to how this will unfold....
Ugh I just love this story so much! How can anyone be sick of this? Easy. They can't! Don't worry, I don't think your readers are going anywhere. Thank you for the new chapter:) I hope you're doing better and I hope you know how awesome you are^^ I'm 22, by the way:b