I Devote My Life to You


He swore, in the name of the gods, to protect her through her lonely childhood in the orphanage.

He swore, in the name of the immortals, to follow her when she was brought to the faraway imperial palace.

He swore, in the name of the spirits, to always stay by her side when she had to marry another man.

Even when the emperor, the entire chinese army or the deities stood in his way, he would always serve her only.

In his short life of endless suffering, everything he ever wanted was to never break the oath he had made in their youth:

My lady, I devote my life to you.



Liu Yi Fei as the Emperor's Consort

Yang Yang as the Consort's Guard

Lu Han as the Emperor



This is a fic I have planned to write like 3 years ago and has been rotting away in my google driver ever since, but I don't see an end to "In the Prince's Chamber" in the near future, and I have another fic on hold which I want to continue next year, so I decided to make this a short story/one shot, about 3 chapters long. I will get this finished by the end of this year, for sure. 

My leading man this time is.... Yang Yang! Because I've been thirsting after him for more than 2 years already, and it was about time, no more side character for him! He is too great with Yi Fei "Once Upon a Time" and I ship them so much! And also because I ship these two in my other historical story, but they can't be romantically involved there, so here we are in another universe! My friend Mi encouraged me to finally post this since she's been searching for YangFei fics as well, and I hope you'll enjoy this! Prepare tissues, as always.

Thanks for clicking, and happy reading!

The poster was made by Jordan aka B3aut1fulM0nst3r, and you can check out his works here!



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ExoYul_Lover #1
When is this going to happen....?
ParkJeRa_14 #2
Omy ghad update pleaseee! I’m a huge fan of yangyang and i also ship him with liu yi fei
Immediately subscribed when i saw the name yang yang heeee
Can't wait for this fic to start. I love yangyang and liu yifei together so much.
cntotheblue #5
I just started watching love o2o and i fell in love with yangyang immediately
lazycharms 1 points #6
duuude! I don't need to read anymore, just the foreword has gotten me hooked! And honestly, my friend gave me the link ^^
1 points #7
YESSSSS!!!!! Another yang yang x liu yifei shipper!!!! No wonder you're one of my favourite authors :D Looking forward to more of your awesome work^.^