ㅤ +ㅤ EROS.ㅤ ㅤ/ㅤ19 + Roleplay.ㅤ CLOSED, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!


Er·os (ĕr′ŏs′, îr′-); often s*xual yearning, love, or desire.
here at eros, there is no discrimination therefore you're free to explore your inner desires and meet new, wonderful people who might share the same interests as you, too. here in this house of eros, we only bring in an abundant amount of love and fun so what are you waiting for?
01. subscribing to the story is mandatory, upvotes are very much appreciated! one account per head, please. 02. biased replies, facechasing and otp-chasing is an absolute no-no. 03. eros is a closed agency, no communicating with outside accounts or members that have not been verified yet. 04. timeline is unrated where sm*t is allowed in between members, provided that both parties have consented. this is a semi-lit roleplay, therefore plotting is highly encouraged as this is a 19+ rp. no triggering topics are to be brought up to the timeline as well. 05. ooc talk will be limited, please use brackets while doing so. 06. kindly limit both ic/ooc drama, resolve it in dms instead. report to any one of the admins if you're being harassed/bullied. which admin is a princess? 07. ccs and tccs are unlimited, provided that your 72 hour interval is up from your last cc/tcc. tccs lasts up to only 24 hours but it can be extended upon request, for another 24 hours. in case someone reserves your current tcc fc, you'll have to change back to your original fc. 08. 69 tweets upon arrival! failure to reach the desired tc will result in an immediate kickout. unverification will take place after 48 hours of inactivity. hiatuses lasts for a max of 2 weeks and semi-hiatus lasts max 1 week. extensions can be made upon request. 09. love wins, no discrimination and all s*xualities are welcomed. dating ban consists of 400 tweets and 4 days of activity. move-in couples are exempted! 10. password can be found at the 6th rule.
how to join
01. check masterlist (or the wishlist) for your desired faceclaim. 02. comment down below with your desired faceclaim, in which they must be 19 years of age and above, internationally. applications for underage faceclaims will not be entertained. 03. you have 24 hours to make your account AFTER an admin has accepted your reservation in order to avoid confusion. extension will be granted upon request. 04. usage of cycle accounts are acceptable, provided you've cleared all your tweets + likes + f/f list. 05. username format will be name(ero) or ero(name) in lowercase. no underscores, numbers will be exempted unless it is a part of your faceclaim's stage name. don't forget to put eros anywhere on your profile! 06. follow the admins + everyone else before mentioning base, please. if you have not been verified in 10 minutes, you may begin interacting with the members. 07. you're now a part of the eros family!
actors / actresses: : sulli.
blackpink : jisoo. lisa.
bts : taehyung. yoongi.
dia : chaeyeon.
dreamcatcher : jiu.
exo : jongin. chanyeol, baekhyun suho. sehun.
got7 : mark. jaebum. yugyeom.
ikon : hanbin. jinhwan.
model : sangbi.
monsta x : minhyuk.
nct : sicheng. yuta.
red velvet : irene. joy.
seventeen : jeonghan. wonwoo. jihoon. hansol. seungcheol. mingyu.
soloists : hyuna. christian yu. jay park. jessica jung. song dahye.
twice : nayeon.
vixx : ravi.
ulzzangs : yeonju. hwamin. athena.
wanna one : daniel.
jihoon : svt (esp wonwoo and mingyu), shinee (esp minho) and infinite.
dahye: Amberikon's bobby, Hanbin & yunhyeong, winner's seunghoon, blackpink's lisa, monsta x's kihyun and jooheon.
chanyeol : aoa's jimin, twice's mina, monsta x's kihyun and minhyuk and more babies to spoil.
joohyun : winner (sidenote: that they may allow me to at least of heir d!cks), t.o.p.
suho : kyungsoo
christian : Zelo to spoil, Minghao, Bambam, Yugyeom. 97 liner.
seungcheol x jeonghan
daniel x jiu
name x name
established : 120817.
population : 38.
status : open & accepting!
update #1 (12/08) : Officially opened!





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stantaeyongsbiceps #2
ikon's bobby please
+ both
whltesht #3
exo's sehun please.
both, why not.
Blanknae #5
Got7 yugyeom
rinrln #6
chaerin- ulzzang
shinee's jonghyun.
+ why not both?
lmaoleia #8
son hwamin
+ jongin bc why not
[deactivated] #9
Nayeon of Twice please!

• Jeonghan
jessica jung please.
+ jongin.