Duel For Heart

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In which Hongbin and Leo engages in a duel for N's heart. 


Read if you want and no bashing. 

If this irks you, please stop reading. 

Thank you :)


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Chapter 25: Chapter 25: The title-
myintzuchan #2
Chapter 1: Really good story
Chapter 28: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Chapter 25: Well maybe now it will be Leobin.
Echo_of_Venus #5
Chapter 33: wow, this story was so exciting*_* dont stop writing bcuz of some negative comments, you are creative and that needs to be appreciated :)
rain3396 #6
Chapter 34: Thank you for all this amazing stories author nim...
I cant say anything else but we can be friend right? Even we cant contact each other here...
We will wait untill you have will and love to write again..
Good luck for your real life ^^
Rory222 #7
Chapter 34: You are my favorite author, I’ve told you that before
I understand what you feel, and I am here if you need a a friend..

But I still can’t give up on your writing , you have a talent, so I’ll wait for the day that you will write a beautiful story not to escape ,but because you love to write.
I’ll always be your fan.
See you again
Chapter 34: omg i'm crying TT
vixxcha #9
Chapter 34: my god ,i don't know why i'm crying,
bibibelle #10
Chapter 34: Thank you for leave notice...

I've been a regular to read your FF and yeah, I have to admit this account was one of my fave. Thank you for keep this account open, I'll missed your stories :)