You're Just A Kid



You thought you and Jungkook had something special, yet you find yourself crying over a cup of cheap coffee at a convenience store and all you see is Min Yoongi.


So this is my first time ever writing something about BTS and let me just say this now it's very OOC.

Now, seeing as this is a reader insert I've tried not to describe any specifics about the reader, except that they're a girl.

I've written it as if the girl has moved to Korea and met the boys there (how is not important). She lives in an apartment with Jungkook in the same building as the other boys. (I'm not entirely sure on their living situations, so there you have it.)


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Subscribed bcuz thw desc looks good. :p
Chapter 12: i dont know what to say about this
there are so many things going on that somehow confuses me lol
if tae dont want their friendship to ruin, why do he have to touch her that night and didnt even bother to apologize after and jungkook was such a jerk i want to slap him so hard because why is he so stupid goshh
and the guys were a jerk too, knowing that their maknae was still a kid and didnt treat her right, they didnt even do anything to make Jungkook corrected his mistakes or anything and just stare at him like it was a show or something
and yoongi was just there and their moment was so short that i want more XDD and i wonder what will happen between yoongi and jungkook because jungkook didnt seemed like he liked the idea of them together and even left them without mending things
but either way, i have fun reading this and hope to hear more from you ^^