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Hello everyone!! So as you can see in the title, this is a thread for my favorite EXO stories, which aren't really recognized by people. I'll be posting my favorite stories' links here with my opinion on the stories (basically why I liked the story). So I hope you'll enjoy the stories which I enjoyed reading. Enjoy reading. ^^


I'll post only stories which have EXOxOC and EXOxOther girl group idols as main characters. So don't expect stories here. I really don't like to read stories. And most of the stories will be the ones with less subscribers but really great. The stories recommended here will be written really well (without grammar or spelling mistakes) and with unique plots.

I'll accept recommendations from you all also. You can comment below about the story you want me to read (with link of course). I'll definitely read it. But I'll only post it here, if I love reading it. Just keep in mind that I won't read stories and the main characters should include at least one EXO member. I am always ready to read. And angst is my favorite genre, so please comment here, if you have any recommendations for me. I'll gladly read everything.


And don't forget to tell me what you thought about the recommended stories by commenting here. I would love to see if you have same taste as me. So let me know what you think about the stories. 


So enjoy reading. ^^



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Posted a new story recommendation.. Make sure to check it out and give me feedback on it.. Love you all. <3333
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