Missing Pieces

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Tao is trying to make Kris fall for him all over again, but a heart can only take so much.


Story and graphics by me



You’re the best man I’ll ever have and I couldn’t ask for more.  

I could only wish that I was in that accident with you and lost my memory too.

Maybe it will hurt less that way.

Because it hurts to be the only one who remembers about us."



Tags: Romance, Fluff, Slight-angst, Amnesia/Memory loss, A little touch of

Length: 8 chapters

• Featuring Kris the awkward turtle and Tao the emotional baby
• I swear this is not that angsty, don't trust the description
• English is not my main language, beware of grammatical errors
Please do not demand for updates or anything :)


The poster looks so angsty and ugly but I swear this story has a lot of fluff and some angst
I originally planned to write Kris as a typical everybody hates but as I wrote the plot down, I realized that Kris is becoming nicer and nicer through the story LMAO
I'm sorry I can never write Kris he's too sweet and dorky for it kajshdfg 
Thank you for clicking and I hope you'll enjoy the story!

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Gracegesang 14 streak #1
I loooove all your Taoris stories...my favorites are Little Star and Last Message. I'm gonna start reading Missing Pieces today.
Chapter 8: I remember when first time I read this story... I'm crying because I felt so sad for Tao... With heartbroken feeling, I still want know what is the ending of Kris and tao's love story...
I really love it when they just love each other too much!!!! ^~^
Chapter 8: Oh my godddddd!! The feels are too muchhhh!! I finally had time to finish this master piece and I’m deadd!! The ending tho... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) yasss Yifannn go get your piano (⁎⁍̴̆Ɛ⁍̴̆⁎) <3<3
Chapter 8: Please stop giving me so many reasons to be impressed. I'm getting overwhelmed. There are only so many ways for me to say congratulations, and I've used up most of them. Another great fanfic, so well written. Thanks for that happy ending! This story also has a place in my shippers' heart!
Jia you are very special and thank you for keep on writing about Taoris. loveya!
Chapter 8: Woo its a happy ending. I really enjoy this fic author nim. Waiting for another fabulous story from you
Chapter 8: It’s been a great journey with you, authornim. Congratulations on completing another masterpiece of yours. Hoping for much more taoris fics from you* lol it’s too much of me to ask but I still wanna ask that hahahah. Taoris foreveerrrr and everrr!!!!
Chapter 8: The real question is who won the bet Junmyeon or Baekhyun XD

And Kris composing a song for their wedding is so sweet~ I wish I had a man that will do that haha

But yay for happy endings~
Xitado #8
Chapter 8: i loved it, so cute. you just can't keep anything pg with kris around.
swethaTR #9
Chapter 8: It's been a long time since I've read a taoris fanfic but I couldn't help go through the taoris tag when I saw pics of Yifan in some football game. I'm so glad that I did because I found your story and it is the most emotional and beautiful fic I've read in a while! It is just SO beautifully written!! I read this story in one go and my eyes hurt from the amount of crying I did! I don't usually comment in fics but I just HAD to comment on how amazing this story is!! It's not even the cliched we-kissed-and-i-remembered stories , it's just so natural how Yifan gains his memories back and it's so realistic how Yifan didn't trust Tao and even fought with him at first but learnt to love him again over the months he got to know him! On the whole, well done! And I'm so sorry about this huge comment, I got a bit excited I guess...^^'
Chapter 8: Asdfghjkl!! Thanks for this beautiful story. It was really so good. I'm sad that it's over. But I'll come to reread again!