a little bit scandalous

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Jennie is only good at reading tea leaves, not Slytherin Chasers who have a penchant for getting hurt.



i'm so into you, i can barely breathe,

and all i wanna do is to fall in deep.

but close ain't close enough 'til we cross the line.

so name a game to play, and i'll roll the dice.

[ ariana grande ; into you ]


pairing: yoongi/jennie

length: 20k+ words 

setting: hogwarts!au

a/n: apologies in advance for all the inaccuracies!! it's been a while since i've read harry potter r i p



a messy guide to characters referenced in this story

r a v e n c l a w

kim jennie || sixth year

kim jisoo || sixth year

park chaeyoung || fifth year

park jinyoung || seventh year ; captain and chaser


s l y t h e r i n

min yoongi || seventh year ; chaser

kim jinhwan || seventh year

lee jieun || seventh year ; captain and chaser

park jimin || sixth year ; chaser

park sooyoung || sixth year ; beater



g r y f f i n d o r

lalisa manoban || fifth year ; seeker

kim taehyung || sixth year ; chaser

jeon jungkook || fifth year ; keeper

ong seongwoo || sixth year ; commentator

kang daniel || sixth year ; reserve keeper

jung hoseok || seventh year ; captain and beater

choi seungcheol || sixth year ; beater


h u f f l e p u f f

oh sehun || seventh year ; captain and seeker

kang seulgi || seventh year


this beautiful moodboard was created by undergroundmuses <3

albs is done!! thanks to everyone who read it <33


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skyl1ne3 1 points #1
Chapter 4: thank you for writing this story, i enjoyed it!
72 streak 1 points #2
Chapter 4: you said the convos are awkward but they're not at all! if all it fits the theme of your story -- i imagine the scene with that tumblr-ish filter, chill vibe and all. i reeeeeally appreciate you bring out jennie's acceptance about her being a werewolf and how she managed to tell it to her closest friend ♡♡♡ and chaeyoung u,u honestly you make her so relatable, idk but i'd take time to load the fact, so abruptly. -- i also appreciate you pointed out the friendships side, it's beautiful im not kidding :') yoongi x jennie minimal contact & low-key romance too ♡♡♡♡♡

thank you so much for challanging yourself and completed this story (eventhough i read this way too late)~ i'm looking for your future story ;)
2 points #3
hi! just thought you'd like to know that this fic has been recommended at Eden: BTS' Top Recommendations.
here's the link: https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1348908
thanks for writing such a great fic!

(lol will i ever stop recommending ur stuff??? probs not)
choi-taek 1 points #4
I loved this so much! I really felt the friendship between the four and the chemistry between yoongi and Jennie. By far my fave yoonie fic and I hope u write more hogwarts au fics
1 points #5
Chapter 4: I really enjoyed this story! Jennie in particular was such a well fleshed out character, and I appreciated seeing the struggles she had with her own hopes and fears as well as with the people around her. You packed so much into four chapters, and it really pulled me in. Thank you for writing!
1 points #6
Chapter 4: It's been so long since I read an hetero fic but I loved it so much! Honestly, didn't thought this story could make me cry but it did and it was beautiful ?
1 points #7
Chapter 4: i actually read this a while back but only got the time to comment now sorry!! but ugh first, tysm for using my moodboard! i'm so touched and glad you like it!!!!

secondly, this was everything i needed and more lol i love that jennie's friendships were seen thru esp w chaeyoung whose reaction was heartbreaking but also understanding and she is so sweet and u g h i love this. jennie being THAT and demanding a date is my kink tbh AND i will never get over how much i love lisa!! esp w jungkook bc their dynamic is so sweet and i love it.

also the headcanons were all a+++ and if you ever write a spin-off of some sort that'd be amazing but if not, i'm also v content w this bc tbh jimin forcing his friends to watch the chaeyoung's mini concert is the cutest thing ever.

ty for writing this! i don't think i've ever managed to express how much i love and appreciate this fic :// but know that it's defs a fav of mine (an ALL TIME fav!) <3333
1 points #8
Chapter 4: The moment Jennie let slip she was a werewolf to Yoongi - I swear my heart skipped a beat.

So glad Chaeyoung came through in the end and how thoughtful she was about cleaning the shrieking shack!

The endinggggggggg, omg finally they're going out on a date. Yay!

Love how you did mini plots at the end cos through out the whole story I was like 'omg I need a short fluffy one shot for Lisa and Jungkook' and I got one!
1 points #9
Chapter 4: omg this update was so fun and SO FAST!!! i absolutely loved it

okay so i was so touched how accepting yoongi was and how when jennie slipped up he was like "thats amazing" when he realized she wanted to be a healer despite having such a disadvantage and ashgjqlkrghlqe you portrayed the effects of social prejudice so well???
also love that chaeyoung and jennie reconciled and i like how we saw jennie and yoongi's relationship become official/progress through little things instead of a big confrontation/a big confession or whatever, it's so much cuter just seeing them on the same wavelength regarding how they feel about each other and yoongi and jennie using a bet to make it official in front of everyone LMFAO that was GOLD
this was such an emotional ride and i just want to say congratulations on finishing this wonderful story and thank you so much for writing it <3