a little bit scandalous

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Jennie is only good at reading tea leaves, not Slytherin Chasers who have a penchant for getting hurt.




icon credits to bwicachu and bpinkedits

so name a game to play, and i'll roll the dice - ariana grandeinto you


pairing: yoongi/jennie

length: --- 

setting: hogwarts!au

a/n: apologies in advance for all the inaccuracies!! it's been a while since i've read harry potter r i p



a messy guide to characters referenced in this story

r a v e n c l a w

kim jennie || sixth year

kim jisoo || sixth year

park chaeyoung || fifth year

park jinyoung || seventh year ; captain and chaser


s l y t h e r i n

min yoongi || seventh year ; chaser

kim jinhwan || seventh year

lee jieun || seventh year ; captain and chaser

park jimin || sixth year ; chaser


g r y f f i n d o r

lalisa manoban || fifth year ; seeker

kim taehyung || sixth year ; chaser

jeon jungkook || fifth year ; keeper

ong seongwoo || sixth year ; commentator

kang daniel || sixth year ; reserve keeper

jung hoseok || seventh year ; captain and beater

choi seungcheol || sixth year ; beater


h u f f l e p u f f

oh sehun || seventh year ; captain and seeker


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kkrystals 1 points #1
Chapter 1: i am a die-hardcore harry potter fan, blackpink and bts supporter (as well as shipper) and yoonnie is one of my otps, so everything combined - this is one of my favourite fanfics!! i can’t wait to see how their story unravels, i think it’s pretty interesting and i like how they’re like secret friends. i hope yoongi is okay! goD DAMN WHY IS QUIDDITCH SUCH A VIOLENT SPORT (also you did fine! i couldn’t notice any errors, i felt like i was at hogwarts!)
1 points #2
Chapter 1: Oh my god I love hp and this is soooo good so far. I'm so excited to see how their relationship will develop. I really liked how they have this weird friendship going where they share things with no expectations and all. And damnnnn when Jennie stood up for Jisooo *clap clap* that girl can talk. I love how each character you chose are matching very well with their personalities. Like Lisa being the sporty prankster, Jungkook being a prodigy, JISOO AND TAEHYUNG YES and Chaeyoung being a polite nice girl. I'm looking forward to the next chapters! :)
1 points #3
Omg I love love hp so this is super interesting, I like all of your chosen characters. Also sehun in hufflepuff!! Welcome to the house, bae!! I'm also a hufflepuff btw
1 points #4
Chapter 1: It is soooo rude for u to call your work trash, Avalon. So rude. This deserves respect, this is perfect. Omg i cannot even beginn

Idk if its just story.. or im always like this.. but then again, your stories are the only stories i read at aff for like um...since the start lf 2017? But i always skip reading the foreword. So if i start reading, i pretty much jumping in blind. Best decision i made actually, especially for this one.
Theres a wrtiting tip i really pinning on-tell your main story at the 1st chapter. While this is apply to book, sometimes in fanfic, first chapter dont tell a lot about what is the story going to be about. Heck, even books sometimes dont. This is where this is greattt. Because you literally START your story. You start it from jennie, your main character, n then yoongi the second. (I love how u put in question at the end of the part. Thats a skill to make readers stay intrigued, bcs i really do), and then you follow little by little with the rest of characters WHILE describing jennie's characters and backstory. I really love how you're plotting this bcs yoongi is on another part of her daily life AND I LOVE THAT THE MOST. I love that how they started from vinyl (idk if thers vinyl in hogwarts but idt its too out of place?), how you can pretty much tell yoongi's backstory already, I REALLYYY LOVE THE PART IN THE BRACKETS. if i read this on paper, i will highlight the hell out of that part), i love how i'm like ahhhh so thats why the title is a little bit scandalous and have i told u how much i love scandalous story exactly like this one??? Again, best decision.

U put the end of the chapter at the part where the story will be developing to another level and that is geniusss. I'm very very lookong forward for the next development!
Thanks for the story, Avesss! u worked harddd n this is ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY AMAZING, dont u ever stop writing!

P/s : i lovee the character of the supporting characters? Jisoo with her motherly vibe n chaeyoung with her childlike. I mean, when i said i like jennie the most, its only bcs shes very pretty to me but idk them at all. N also the side story? Jisoo n V? Heheh thats cuteee
jennieisagoddess 1 points #5
Chapter 1: This is my favorite fanfic of yoonnie!!!! aaaaah bangtanpink x harrypotter
grogerskim 1 points #6
Chapter 1: This is so interesting!! I can't wait for the next chapter
1 points #7
6k omg u did it! but i'm reading this on friday bcs i'm travelling tomorrow until then. (didn't know getting a job would make me this busy even before working--i just spent the whole day at the hospital today ugh)

dropping by to bookmark and say that i'm proud of you and i don't have to read it first to know you're doing really well! love you!
1 points #8
Chapter 1: woww this is super interesting so far! Im really curious to how their relationship will develop. i wonder what happened to yoongi that made him so mad? maybe that was why he was so distracted at the qudditch game?

and i get you with the researching on hogwarts, im always so unsure with how to proceed with the world building and it stresses me out because i have to make sure everything lines up hahaa

a wonderful first chapter, looking forward to your next update !:)
mondenschein17 1 points #9
Chapter 1: yeah yeah sleepless nights do that to people, you're awake but so sleepy so you just lost it XD
this is so neat, nice and novel :)