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konoha gakuen
a naruto roleplay
 : About us

we are a naruto roleplay group that is on mewe. we are school au themed with a mix of university and high school. we also cater to canon plots with our canon group. for more information/backstory please read our premise posted on the tumblr.

: Updates
+ oct 23: start of the halloween event!
+ oct 1: body/mind switch event! now over.
: featured member
: Rules (Scroll)

break a rule = 1 strike. 3 strikes and you're out.


1. If leaving, please be sure to tell an admin. you must also inform an admin if doing one of the following: character changing, going on hiatus, busy, doubling or creating new groups.

2. character changes are allowed and unlimited, but once you character change, wait at least a week to change again. temporary character changes are allowed too.

3. You must show that you are active on your main account in order to double, same goes for tripling. three characters max, but you must ask an admin before doing so. if we notice you have doubled without asking an admin, you wil lose your account. 

4. events are not mandatory unless stated so, but we do suggest that you try to participate!

5. do not advertise your stories or roleplays here without permission. likewise, if you wish to use the roleplay or an event as reference for a story or for your own rp, please ask permission to first. 

6. respect is something we value here. therefore, we ask that you do not bash or show any kind of negativity towards a character or ship here. do try to keep it private meaning in your pm with someone else, just because you don't like it doesn't mean no one else does. 

7. all things rated r must be kept in the rated r chat (tba) or privately in pm

8. classes are mandatory, students must attend 2 classes per week while teachers must post 1 class on their scheduled day. other staff must post on campus 1-2 times per week or sub for a class. 


1. You are expected to be active 3 days per week for at least 30 minutes each. changing dp, posting pictures/memes, being ooc and private messaging do not count towards activity. the chats also don't count but you are encouraged to use them for bonding and plotting purposes. when applying please make sure to put the reason why you applied for your character here!

2. If you are inactive for the first 3 days of joining, you will be kicked out. After that, if you are inactive for a week or more you will be kicked out.

3. if you know you'll be unable to post or be available, please let an admin know. hiatuses last a month semi-hiatuses, two weeks. if you wish to extend please let an admin know. please make sure to put that you are on hiatus on your profile. after your hiatus ends, you will have a week to return before you are kicked out. 

4.  this is not a one on one roleplay, please refrain from only roleplaying with just one person. talk to as many people as you can and participate in group posts. 


1. you are expected to join and be in character. therefore, join as someone you know you can roleplay decently or do some research on your character. (personalities here stay canon).

2. please don't mix your ooc and ic in both the chats and groups. keep them separated as much as possible using the ooc group. any quick ooc notes can be made using brackets such as [] or // 

3. Any information regarding a character or plot given to you ooc is knowledge that remains ooc. if you learn something about another character, that does not mean that your character now knows it too.

4. no godmodding or power play. that means, do not control anyone else's character without their consent and do not overpower your character. 

5. headcanons are allowed but if you have any for other characters do not shove them at them unless the mun/rper is okay with it. this also goes for backgrounds, if you wish to have a background with someone let the rper of that character know first and get their consent. 

6. drama is okay but please try to keep it as private as possible as to not ruin the atmosphere for others. also, no shading whether on posts or anons. 


1. the amount of days that you are active must be equal to a full week (7 days) before you can begin to date. you must follow our activity guidelines in order to be considered active. 

2. you can marry/get engaged after 1 month of dating your partner. also make sure to add your favorite naruto character or ship so we know you've read this far :)

3. no pregancy or babies, it's okay in canon but in our main school au theme no. 

4. we are not a matchmaking roleplay so please do keep your thirst at bay. no facechasing or selective replies. instead put that energy into roleplaying. so basically, don't join here expecting a hook up.

5. moving couples are allowed just let an admin know. 

: how to join


1. make sure that you've read all the rules and that your character is not taken. 

2. your account must be at least 4 months old to be accepted. if your account is private then add us so we can check. (don't worry, we'll unfriend after).

3. you can reserve a character without application for 3 days, but you must send an application within those 3 days or your character will be freed again. to reserve, just ask in the comments or pm the base. extensions for reservations can be granted. 

4. if you don't want to reserve then just fill out the application and comment, then wait for our response. you will have 48 hours after that to make an account.

making your account 

1. make sure that you put your name in english or romaji meaning e.g. sasuke uchiha, naruto uzumaki, sakura haruno. this is for easy tagging purposes and organization. don't worry, you will not get checked or disabled, if your character does not have a surname you can add an emoji or whatever you want. accounts with names in other characters/writting will not be accepted. 

2. write "konoha gakuen" under your school/education in your profile or in your about me so we know it's you.

3. once you are done, there is a link on the left hand side of your profile. copy that and send it to us. but also feel free to add the admins, the profiles are linked on their page. 


: affiliates

1. a ninja world rp

2. Koinoyokan RP

3. Undella bay rp

4. colorful circle rp

5. coloring book rp

6. dreamcatchers rp

: admins (scroll)
TOFMq4o.pngHaruno Sakura: A
Head admin 
student council president.
TOFMq4o.pngKakashi: A
TOFMq4o.pngUzumaki naruto: A
student council vice president
TOFMq4o.pnguchiha shisui: A
temp admin
temporary council member
TOFMq4o.pngterumi mei: A
swim coach & substitute

A : available
b : busy
: hiatus

: application

[ OOC ]

— account: .
— age: 
can be sent to pm
— timezone: in gmt
— how did you find us?: 
— roleplay preferences: 
rd/1st, script/para etc. also, any genres you like to plot.

[ iC ]

— name: 
— age:
— student or staff: 
— department or job:
— subjects you'll be studying or teaching?: 
ignore if you are not a teacher or student.
— grade: (college or high school - freshman/sophomore/junior or senior) students only.
— background: 1 para minimum (Optional)
— Personality: 
— writing sample:
 at least 1 para, 5 sentences at least.

Note: we have the right to deny any applications we don't deem worthy of joining. 

any questions regarding the application can be pmed or asked in the comments.



Only one answer can be chosen


- Yahiko

Shikamaru is reserved

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Rookielookie #1
Chapter 1: Is this still open?
Accepted via Tumblr: Uzumaki Karin - 11/03
Account: CHA-NNNNN on aff or tumblr: fathertobirama.
Age: 24
Timezone: GMT +1
How did you find us? I heard about the place from admin Gaara.
Roleplay Preferences: 3rd or 1st pov, it doesn't matter.
[ IC ]
Name: Tobirama Senju.
Are they student or staff? Staff. He is 27 years old.
Department or occupation: Purple department head.
Subjects you’ll be studying or teaching: Law.
Why did you choose this faceclaim? Honestly, out of all Hokages, Tobirama is my favorite. I also think his hate for Uchihas might be a funny thing to plot about.
Tell us a bit about their background: Tobirama is the second of Butsuma Senju's four sons. His father is a wealthy business man and member of the Senju clan. His mother died when she gave birth to his youngest brother Itama. His age being close to his older brother, Tobirama grew up along him, both bickering a lot and for the dumbest reasons, those reasons mostly being Hashirama's behaviours that Tobirama qualified as annoying. He was always the coldest and the most serious among his brothers. Since Tobirama was looking up to his father, he was doing his best to look like him, sound like him and be the perfect son for him. He even hated all of the Uchihas just because his father was seeing them as rivals.
Most kids were avoiding him at school, though Tobirama didn't care about it one bit. He loved spending his time alone, reading books about politics, he thought it was better than hanging out with useless people doing useless things.
Finishing his school with very good notes, he decided to become a law teacher to teach all of his knowledge to the students. Since those young people were the future of Konoha, Tobirama wanted to make sure to discipline them one by one.

Describe how they will be portrayed: He will be just like in canon ! Very serious, arms almost always crossed with a frowny/done look on his face at all times.
Give us a small writing sample: « How annoying. », Tobirama thought as he looked away from his brothers that were talking too much and mostly saying nonsense. All four of them were sitting on a table, waiting for their food. Their father was there too, which was not stopping the others. Rubbing his temple to soothe his headache, he rested his back against his seat and crossed his arms against his chest before closing his eyes, trying to remember when was the last time they had a nice and quiet dinner together. The answer was never. It was always noisy, too noisy. He hated it. Feeling his side being nudged, he opened his eyes to glance at his brother Kawarama that was sitting right next to him before he saw the latter wiggle his brows, making him sign to look at the table right next to theirs. Doing as he was told, Tobirama couldn't help the low grunt that escaped past his pair. « Uchihas... », he muttered to himself, rolling his eyes so hard he could see his brain.
gmt -7
through a friend
no preferences

Toneri Otsutsuki
Purple department
Sophomore in college

Personality: Coming from a well off family, he can come off as a bit of a spoiled rich kid, not really understanding that he can't order people around or act as if he owns someone. People can take this trait to be quite comedic as he is usually very composed and cool, seeing such a side has also attracted a few enemies towards him too. Beneath the layers he shows, he is very irrational, stubborn and can lose his temper but only if things do not go as he planned.

Writing sample: How pathetic. Those were the first thoughts that came to Toneri's mind as he stepped off his private limo and took in the look of the school building. It was big, he would give it that much credit, of course, he had lived in a house that was about the size of the school perhaps bigger, so it was big but not enough to impress. It looked worn down too, very pathetic. The only reason he had decided to join that excuse of a school was because his parents thought he needed a "taste of reality". As he walked under towards the gates, he could see people chattering. Did they think they were truly happy with their lives? They didn't look like they came from money, what happiness could they have if they weren't rich? Money was happiness. Shaking the thought away, he ignored the peasants loitering the school grounds, walking towards the main office building.

I usually roleplay shy or bubbly girls and I recently wanted to have a change of character. Toneri was an interesting character in the movie and since this is non-canon, I figured I could tweak a few tidbits of his personality while trying to keep some type of canon feeling to it. I'm not sure if that made sense. He's a character that could have been explored a bit deeper in my opinion so I hope to create a deeper feeling to his character.

script/para depends on the days, any genre

Anko Mitarashi
Campus security
When Anko is not doing her job she is more carefree and likes to goof around with either the students or her fellow staff member. She is pretty open and is never scared to speak her mind, especially towards her elders. Age and gender does not matter to her, she treats everyone equal and has a tendency to step over the line when she does not mean to. During her work, Anko can change from a carefree goofball to a serious and always by the book kind of person. Abandoning anyone in their time of need is not what Anko does, she likes to make sure that both student and staff are safe and makes sure that any danger is terminated. She does like to get her job done, but she also likes to talk, a lot. She will never back down from sweets as well as anything that deals with food or competition in it. As she can be a very competitive person especially out on the field.

Mito Uzumaki
/ ooc /
3rd pov, detailed script or short para. No genre preference

kakei sumire
literature & writing
high school - senior
personality: sumire is a kind and loving girl, caring for her classmates and family, hardly wanting to have any conflict around her or cause unnecessary trouble. she's not very outspoken and can stutter when speaking due to her shy nature. her shyness does not detract from her determination to better herself and to keeping promises made towards other people. once she sets her mind onto something she does not stop until she accomplishes what she put her thoughts and efforts into.
sample: she had always been the back of the class kind of girl, hardly wanting to draw attention to herself. so it was a big shock for her when she was selected as the representative for her middle school class. once the teacher had called out her name, she felt a chill go down her bones and her legs began to wobble, making standing up a challenge. everyone's eyes were on her and oh dear, what if she said something stupid? what if she stuttered again? a habit that had recently gotten a scolding from herself, she hated it, especially when she had to repeat things twice to people who didn't understand. blood rushed to her cheeks as her anxiety began to rise and as she opened , she felt the air begin to escape her body. it wasn't long before black spots began clouding her vision, soon making her see nothing but black. all she could hear were the shouts of her peers and the feet rushing towards her as she fell on spot, fainting from the pressure.

i loved sumire ever since i saw her in action during the ghost arc in boruto. i thought she was cute before but after seeing another side of her, it made me grow fond of her character and i wish to see more of that. i felt a little part of me in her so i decided to try being her and seeing how things go.

liniel #7
Here to formally apply if this will be allowed:

Sarada Uchiha
Lost & Found
We are a roleplay directory listing active roleplay threads and freelance roleplayers for a faster and easier search without having to hassle through roleplay tags for hours. All you need to do is subscribe and fill up an application to get listed. Interested in listing your roleplay thread to our directory for a free 24 hour promotion? Click your way into our thread and apply!
Here to formally apply:

Hyuga Neji