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29 years old, Kown Ji yong, one of the biggest break-out korean pop stars in the world had fallen for a girl that was almost half his age. He did not know he was falling for her until she became the only thing that made him looking forward to wake up in the morning. The cold-image leader had a soft spot in his heart for his girl and he would do anything in his power to keep her. He never know what is it feel like to have your true love until he comes across his 'last love'.


I couldn’t hide a smile on my face as I walked down the stairs. My legs were still shaken up from what that had just happened. We decided that I would be the one who walked out first and then a little later Jiyong oppa will show up so people don’t get us wrong.

Ugh. I really am falling for this guy.

The way he talked to me, caressed my hands and his words. He was so smooth. But as much as I wanted to think that he only did all that because he genuinely felt something toward me, I had to admit he might just did that same as how he did with any other girls.


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GD is my bias so definitely reading this.
Clk387 #2
Chapter 25: I can’t find you on Instagram
Chapter 25: Hi, I am loving your story. I am visualising Jieun as IU so its easier to get the feels of the story. I hope you can finish this one. I can really see Jiyong in character here. Looking forward to your updates soonest. Thanks
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Chapter 25: Are you okay ? when are you going to continue with this story ?❤️
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Chapter 25: When are you going to update this story? I really love this story ❤️??? Please update soon ????❤️
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WOW this is really good
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Chapter 19: Omg I love your style of writing!!!!! How do I subscribe? It won't let me????
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Chapter 15: How come This chapter is the same as chapter 14?
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Chapter 12: Cuuuuteee:))
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Chapter 6: This is really cute