Magnolia in Dreams, Peach Blossoms in a Song

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In all magnificence of the Magnolia one can only dream to reach its prestige,

And, the love stories of the Peach Blossoms can be written into a song.

The innocence of youth…The cultivation of wisdom…

The climb for status…The green of envy…

The weight of ambitions…The decisions for sacrifices…

In a world of scheme and power, can love prevail?

Without breaking or decaying, when the hills are all flat, The rivers are all dry…When it thunders in winter, when it snows in summer, when heaven and earth mingle—not till then will I part from you.” – By Heaven; Yuefu (Han Dynasty)





Author | Kumaa-chan

Genre | Romance, Historical, Drama

Featuring | Seventeen; Jeonghan, The8, Jun  

Huang Zi Tao

Kris Wu 


Time Period | Fictional Dynasty of Yun


Disclaimer | All events are from my own imagination and do not reflect historical accuracy, as usual they are inspired from alot of chinese dramas, online novels..etc. I meant for this to be for fun and something enjoyable. I tried to limit terms and honorifics but be warned there will still be terms/ honorifics used to create and set as believable of an ambience for the story. 


M usic




 Nine Part Rhyme [Jiu Zhang Ji] – Ye Xuan Qing

走火入魔 Deviation [Zou Huo Ru Mo] – Della Ding (ft. Mayday; Ashin)

 The Wind Like Me [Feng Yi Yang De Wo] – Ye Xuan Qing 

亲人 Family [Qin Ren] – Della Ding  

千年淚 Thousand Years of Tears [Qian Nian Lei] – Tank


C haracters 


Luo Meng Ruo | Original Character


Royal Family

Prince Rui | Rui Qin Wang | Li Zheng Han (Seventeen Yoon Jeonghan)

Prince Rong | Rong Qin Wang | Li Zi Tao (Huang Zitao)

Prince Cheng | Cheng Qin Wang | Li Ming Hao (Seventeen The8)

Prince Duan | Duan Qin Wang | Li Yi Fan (Kris Wu) 

Princess Consort Rong | Zhao Yong He | Original Character

Princess Consort Duan | Tan Su Qing | Original Character

Grand Princess Wen Ning | Li Bai Ling| Original Character

Prince Consort | Wen Jun Hui | (Seventeen Jun) 

Princess Li Hua | Li Qian Er | Original Character

Honored Noble Consort Tan | Tan Gui Fei | Tan Mu Rong | OC

Pure Noble Consort Yun | Yun Shu Fei | Yun Qing Wei | OC

Virtuous Noble Consort Xu | Xu De Fei | Xu Xiu Er | OC

Lady of Bright Deportment Wu | Wu Zhao Yi | Wu Yu Huan | OC

Grand Empress Dowager Luo | Luo Huang Tai Hou | Luo Yi Chang | OC

Empress Jing | Jing Huang Hou | Jing Zi Lan | OC



Lady of Talents An | An Cai Ren | An Xiao Chun | OC

Xiao Kong | OC

Master Xiong | Xiong Shifu | OC

Master Xin Jing | Xin Jing Shifu | OC

Minister of Defense | Luo Guo Peng | OC

Luo Shu Chen | OC

Lady Zhen | OC 





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