The War.


A group of delinquents serving community service after causing mayhem at their school.
The War.

group of delinquents serving community service after causing mayhem at their school.
The War
Kai didn't know why he was sitting in an old classroom with seven other people, being lectured by a teacher who looked like he gave up teaching five years ago. The draining voice of the teacher echoes around the cracked walls of the classroom, the boy in front of him wasn't even listening. He had his head down on the desk, arms wrapped as a pillow; Kai can see the boy's steady breathing, signalling that this boy was fast asleep.

'Now we all know how cool the media shows rebels and recklessness, but you should not be listen-' Kai didn't have the patience to carry on listening to the teacher's lecture, in fact, he wasn't even suppose to be here. He knew he did nothing, but was just simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. And also because the teacher hated him. They were probably trying to get an excuse to suspend Kai, but they had to settle on community service, either way, that puts Kai out of their way.

'Hey, could you shut it? I'm trying to watch something', a voice shouts across the room, as the boy across him begins to start a fight with someone Kai couldn't see, but his hair was bright orange and he looked absolutely wrecked.

'Ergh. What is my life', Kai groans to himself, giving in and copying the person in front him, resting his head on the table and going to sleep. It's better than dealing with any of these lot in the room.

Student 01
Kim jongin A.K.A 'kAI
17 years old; power of teleportation; reason for disciplinary actions: helped with arson and vandalism.
Student 02
kim minseok a.k.a 'xiumin' 
18 years old; power of forst and ice; reason for disciplinary actions: helped with arson and vandalism.
Student 03
18 years old; power of light; reason for disciplinary actions: physical fight in school, attempted to blind fellow student; use of powers outside of class.
Student 04
18 years old; power of water; reason for discplinary actions: vandalism, use of power outside of class.
Student 05
Do Kyungsoo a.k.a 'D.O' 
18 years old; power of earth; reason for discplinary actions: vandalism, use of power outside of class.
Student 06
Park Chanyeol 
17 years old; power of fire and flames; reason for discplinary actions: arson, use of power outside of class, physical fight in school, burnt a fellow student's arm
Student 07
Kim Jongdae a.k.a 'Chen' 
17 years old; power of lightning; reason for disciplinary actions: helped with arson and vandalism
Student 08
Oh Sehun 
16 years old; power of wind and storms; reason for disciplinary actions: unknown.
author's note
This is a story I started writing on my AO3 account and I thought I should reupload it here too. This fic is inspired by exo's recent mv 'ko ko bop' and the subtle ways they use their powers and the exo members are all high school students - mostly based on an American high school lifestyle, but it will still be set in Korea.
This story is a work of fiction. Places and incidents either are products of my imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Also, please do not plagiarise my work and if any wishes to translate, you may do so under the condition that you must credit me and leave a link of the original fic.
There is a considerable amount of swearing, inappropriate bull that most teenagers get up to and lots of mishaps and stupidity - so be warned.
Enjoy and please do not plagiarise.



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This story is now open for everyone to enjoy. Thank you for taking the time to read my work and I hope you have a wonderful day ♡

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irisbf 1 points #1
Chapter 57: This story so amazing xD. Almost took me 2 days to finish reading it. Gonna read the sequel xD. Thanks for the hardworks :)
1 points #2
Chapter 57: This story was such a gold. I literally feel my mood become better when I would start to read this and listen to some of the OST's that took my back to my childhood and teen days
theserniebanders 1 points #3
yeolwa 1 points #4
Chapter 57: This is the best story that I've ever read.. Love this story so much.. I'm glad that chanyeol still alive even after that horrible accident happened to him.. Towards the end they are strong together.. They're perfect together as 9..
1 points #5
Chapter 56: You know, reading a story always take me to a whole new world. A world that may be the one in the stories or ones that I make up. And this story managed to bring me in to its word. To draw me into the depths of your words and the way you wrote this story as if it was something that actually happened and I was there, watching everything happening. I am thankful that you gave enough time, research and heart into writing this story - one of the best chaptered story that I have read in a while. I seriously loved this story and I am hoping that I could read one from you again. Thankyou for the story once again ❤❤
chrysantslurvletters 1 points #6
Chapter 57: Wow..what a roller coaster especially with chanyeol's accident.. And how can you portray what lay had been through being a new student so accurately with what I've been through and still having when no one even understand! Sorry for the emotional confession hahahaha.. Anyhow I love this story and couldn't wait to see the sequel!
Alisha0074 1 points #7
Chapter 56: My god authornim... you have written a master absolute gem..
Thank you.. this saved me in alot of ways...loved it
Thanks again for the mind blowing story!
Alisha0074 1 points #8
Chapter 19: Hey dont worry abt it.. u did a great kob of fusing both traditions and potrayed them amazingly....awesome story by the way!
Love it!
sofiakchoi 1 points #9
Chapter 57: Ugh, I love this story so much. The characterization is so good and it makes me laugh out loud when I read it. One of my favorites ❤️!