Bloody Rose

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10 years ago on the night of Christmas Eve, an angel fell down from heaven and was viciously hunted down by humans. Since then, he has been hiding in secret by blending among them while the search of the fallen angel continued. At the same time, the two kingdoms Valona and Rune develop a strain relationship due to the hunters' hostility towards the civilians, which could possibly lead to war. Meanwhile, a rebellious orphan girl suffers a dark, traumatic past whose life transforms brightly after meeting the prince of Valona and befriending with his fellow knight. Friendship, romance, loyalty, betrayal, hatred, and war builds up among them and the people, as they slowly discover the mysteries of the fallen angel and its darkest truth.

*Bloody Rose REMAKE!!!



Main Characters:

Manoban Lalisa | Age: 18 | Occupation: Commoner

Jung Jaehyun | Age: 21 | Occupation: Prince of Valona

Nakamoto Yuta | Age: 23 | Occupation: Knight​​​ and Assassin

Supporting/Minor Characters:

Black Pink

  • Jisoo | Age: 20
  • Jennie | Age: 19 
  • Rosé | Age: 18
  • Occupations: Commoners


  • Taeyong | Age: 21 | Occupation: Aide
  • Ten | Age: 21 | Occupation: Knight
  • Johnny | Age: 21 | Occupation: Aide
  • Hansol | Age: 22 | Occupation: Aide and Assassin
  • Doyoung | Age: 20 | Occupation: Aide
  • Winwin | Age: 18 | Occupation: Commoner
  • Donghyuk | Age: 17 | Occupation: Commoner


  • Occupation: Black Pearl


  • Occupation: Queen's Seven Guard Dogs

Annyeong everyone! This isn't the first time I've written this fanfic and I've decided to make a remake out of it. For those who have read the original one, I'm sorry for the sudden changes, but I hope that this time you will enjoy this one and I'll do my best on it :) Thank you for supporting me and please continue to do so and look forward to it!



Thank you guys for giving this fic 50 subs~! As I said in my author notes, I shall do my best to update more often :) Also, for those who have read the previous version, I decided to repost it so you'll find it in my stories section. Thank you guys again, love you all <3

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Kaba123 #1
I can see you put an offer in this ^^ good luck, I will subscribe ~ wow
Chapter 1: two thumbs up authornim!
i love it ❤
88 streak #3
Chapter 4: Your story is so daebak... please update soon :)
jajabalan #4
Chapter 3: This is so amazing! I wish you would update ❤️
Chapter 3: i hope all is going well for you! Your work never fails to amaze me. I can't wait for the next chapter and watch how lisa grows up!
keren_hmlm #6
Chapter 3: jongin and jennie as cousins, hmm? *smirks* haha love it. Can't wait. FIGHTING Author-nim
keren_hmlm #7
Chapter 2: Waaahh I love it. Indra T_T. Lisa too Huhuhu
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Chapter 1: I love these pairings and the story so I'll look forward to the remake.. Fighting authornim!!
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