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subscription is not mandatory, but appreciated. #lovewins, but love waits (dating ban of five days, both parties must have 400+ tweets), moving couples exempt as long as you notify us prior to joining. do your best to behave in accordance to your chosen character’s age/personality, be respectful. the ualization of minors is prohibited, nor will it be tolerated under any circumstances (think before you speak). morior is a semi-literate roleplay, meaning that all memes, emojis, and dad jokes are to be kept to a minimum. timeline is rated pg-13, so there are limitations. you may cc/tcc once every two days. cliques are unfortunately inevitable, but we advise you socialize with everyone (selectivity and facechasing are both heavily frowned upon). when reserving, check the masterlist beforehand (include a backup if unsure as to whether your first choice of character is available). you may only reserve for two friends. comment with the following: “name of desired character, please.” preferably in lowercases, with the addition of your favorite summer memory this year. once accepted, please set up an account (if recycling, everything must be at zero (with the exception of ghost tweets/likes), though we encourage new accounts). username format is (name)mri or vice versa, strictly lowercased (no stage names, underscores, numbers, shortenings, initials); i.e jiminmri / mrijimin. you have twenty-four hours to arrive plus mention base (click the image to the left to be directed), and an additional day to accumulate forty tweets. all enquiries, departures, desires to cc/tcc and relationships must be reported to base in dms only
taken, reserved00.

blackpink.  chaeyoung.
bts. hoseok jeongguk jimin namjoon seokjin taehyung yoongi.
dia. chaeyeon20.
exo. baekhyun jongin.
fx. soojung.
gfriend. eunbi.
got7. jaebum jinyoung.
heart. yujin.
loona. jungeun20
nct. chittaphon.
oh my girl. shiah.
pristin. jieqiong.
red velvet. joohyun seulgi yerim.
seventeen. mingyu seungcheol20.
t-ara. jiyeon.
wanna one. euigeon guanlin jihoon21 seongwoo sungwoon.
models. komatsu20.
Urgent, Granted.

jimin, taehyung, and yoongi wish for you.
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jyj's xia junsu.
horror movies w/ friends.
absterge #2
blackpink's jennie, please.
watching animated films.
jmints #3
wanna one's jihoon.
+ binge-watching animes.
_daddy #4
seventeen's s.coups please.
i have none, unfortunately.
paroseannes #5
dia's chaeyeon, please.
watching horror films with my friends.
theredroom #6
komatsu nana, pls?
beating a game-
barbietch #7
loona's kim lip, please.
road trips.
got7's jaebum, please
sleeping in
binomial #9
red velvet's yeri, please.
meeting new people.
cokelight #10
f(x)'s krystal, please. thank you.
— binging on kdramas and food.