The Messenger's Curse

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Once upon a time, a messenger fell in love.

But he fell into forbidden territory, tearing those around him apart.

Only then did he realize his mistake, the curse that he has made.

Even Aphrodite couldn't save him this time.



Hyein was born different: she could see ghosts... or are they? Hyein has no idea what she has been encountering ever since she was a kid, but it became her daily life. Seeing flying horses and bulls with the body of a human were not frightening to her anymore. But when 5 guys arrived in her world and claimed to be sons of Zeus, Hyein started to question whether her life was built on seeing ghosts, or something more.

✽ Pairing: Kai x OC

Genre: fantasy, action, romance, greekmyth!au

Status: Ongoing

Rating: PG-13


greek mythology was chosen in a recent polling on what project i'd do next. my subs said that it's kinda uncliche and unique, so i decided to give it a shot. percy jackson and rick riordan was my childhood, so i can do this? maybe?

✽ because this has a lot going on (creatures, monsters, gods, etc.) if you guys want a glossary or like, an information booklet after everything ends, give me a heads up (i'll probably do one because it'll be hella confusing for everyone otl)

✽ it's going to be action-packed, filled with lots and lots of romance, and definitely a whole lot of cute exo scenes.

✽ this story is going to be HELLA LONG so be ready for a rollercoaster ride, y'all

✽ if you guys realized the summary is damn short. i'm trying to make this super secretive, so all you gotta do is subscribe and read on ;)

✽ poster and background is from anomalistic graphics by jaekooks


Mains: Kim Jongin, Ahn Hyein [OC], Oh Sehun, Byun Baekhyun, Park Chanyeol, Kim Joonmyeon (Suho)

Subs: Greek Gods, Monsters & Creatures


None atm


xoxoexo here! ♡

✽ i have finally ventured into the fantasy realm, and i have decided to make this MY BIGGEST PROJECT YET (if this flunks fml i planned this out for so long i deserve an award plz) because this will take up to 50+ chapters (l o l hopefully), different than the 30-40 chaptered fics I've kinda played around (and short fics, obviously).

✽ kai will be the main character, but sehun chanyeol suho and baekhyun will be kinda main kinda not too. but yeah, no love triangles. it's a kai-centered romance.

✽ because there will be a lot going on i'll probably make like a faq section once the story's complete

✽ shameless ads for my other fics:
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All words, ideas, are written by me, xoxoexo. I am in no way claiming rights against the characters in this story, however my original characters are created by me and so remain as mine. Unecessary stealing of characters are also prohibited.

Similar plotline and development are all merely a coincidence.

© xoxoexo

update: the reason why I haven't been updating is not because I abandoned this, but because I don't have my laptop for almost 3 weeks now. it was in repair and I left it at my friend's house (real far). the other 2 stories I'm updating I've been writing on google docs, not on word in my laptop.


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feb1902 #1
Chapter 22: I KNOW CHANYEOL IS THE TRAITOR YASS. i guess that earlier
Seenaa #2
Chapter 22: Omg chanyeol is the traitor????
Chapter 22: No - not Chanyeol! He’s going to regret this in the end because Hyein is going to kick his - right? Thanks for sharing.
Rb2012 #4
Chapter 22: Interesting...
_nxbila #5
Chapter 22: Omg it was Chanyeol. I'm glad you finally updated again, I've been waiting :) I wonder what Yeol wants to do exactly with the power her blood will bring? Hmmm
45 streak #7
Chapter 22: What Chanyeol was the traitor????? And Jongin gushing over her was so cute, he was in such of awe of her. I hope she doesn’t have to end up giving her blood to Chanyeol, but you never know what will happen...
Rb2012 #8
Chapter 21: Ooooooooooh nice
45 streak #9
Chapter 21: 6 wings???? Damn she’s so cool and I’m so glad she met her dad. Hope they’ll find the traitor soon!
Chapter 21: Whoohoo - she met dad and got wings - you go girl! Thanks for updating!