To Tame A Flirt

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Sana is good at words, no girls can escape from her seduction. She often get any girl fall for her easily. Meanwhile, Mina is like the only magnet that can attract Sana somehow.



"Do you know you have beautiful eyes, Mina"

"I know"

"Your gummy smile is so attractive"


"You like fluffy things right? I'm fluffy too, i'm perfect for you"

"Sana, please"

"Mina do you know what is more sweeter than sugar? Your lips"

Mina shove all her sandwich on Sana's mouth to keep her quiet.

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27 streak #1
Chapter 2: I catch diabetes after reading this.. kyahhh~ so sweet <3
kristin_keitaro #2
Chapter 2: Sweet 2na..
gayMooooo #3
Chapter 2: Jesus this is like the real life sana talking...nice author-nim
Twmm119 #4
Chapter 2: another 2na fic pls hahahah
JansJY08 #5
Chapter 2: Thanks so much for the sequel!! Love it a lot! 2Na is life!! Haha! Hope u will write more stories abt them! :)
Chapter 2: Ahhhhhhhh Im screaming ah my heart my heart is overflowing with your amazing 2na fluff. My life is complete! tysm for updating <3<3<3 the sequel is everything I kennat. Mina getting influenced by Sana is too adorable. I wish this is like an ongoing story (^_-)
icicleflock 1 points #7
Chapter 2: it's midnight and i'm crying over this perfect fluff that is 2na ;-;
ArinArin 1 points #8
Chapter 2: I think you're really good in writing fanfiction T>T and could you please create more 2na ff because they're underrated aff
Pyone18 1 points #9
Chapter 2: Wowwww you write sooo good. It's too bad I can only give one upvote
[deactivated] 1 points #10
Chapter 2: Thanks for cute 2na fluff