words don't come easy.


[ Hwasa x Solar ]

Yongsun isn't quite sure how she feels about Hyejin. Maybe she's a bit envious; maybe it's something a little more complicated than that.

Yongsun's POV.

Collection of drabbles.


I originally didn't have plans to share these, but ya gurl starving for some HwaSun and figured sharing was caring. I blame myself for always liking the most unpopular ships and finally being pushed into writing something rather than drawing it ; u ;

Pretty much all of these are based off of actual Mamamoo content, because I'm cursed with having to overthink and read in between the lines.

I apologize in advance for my ramble writing. This was orignally meant for my own self-indulgence oop, but I hope you enjoy it too <3


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Chapter 8: Dude holy these are amazing. Ingenious. You've portrayed them perfectly.

"Needs more salt."

I hand her sugar.

Genius. Just these two lines tell you so much about who they are and what they are like as characters, as people. Damn. Really good. Gave me some great ideas and inspirations for a HwaSun fic too. Please do continue with your sudden bursts of drabbles. They're legit af.
i read this not knowing who the characters are, but I enjoyed it anyway and now I want to find out about them.
[deactivated] #3
First HwaSun fanfic T.T I was really trying to find some hwasa fanfics but it was quite hard yet i found this beautiful story
Savemefrommamamohell #4
Chapter 8: Omg this is so beautiful!
And the art is sooo pretty!
Hwasun needs more love indeed, thank you for being the mvp and giving us (quality) content!!
cjmoo_ 512 streak #5
Chapter 8: I'm loving all the short chapters!
cjmoo_ 512 streak #6
Chapter 6: Omg that last part!!!
cjmoo_ 512 streak #7
Chapter 4: Why didn't Solar enter :/