Fate, Love & Destiny: A Collection of Oneshots & Drabbles

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My collection of oneshots and drabbles. Pairings might differ in every chapter.  

Current pairings featured: Park Hyungsik x Go Ara, L x Krystal, Choi Minho x Sulli, Onew x Jessica, Yoo Seung Ho x Kim So Hyun, Daniel Henney x Jung Ryeo Won, GDragon x IU, Oh Sehun x Kim Sejeong, Kang Minhyuk x Krystal


Oneshot Collection:

Title                                                               Pairing/Characters

Of Jealousy and Proposal                    Park Hyungsik x Go Ara

Of Weddings and Goodbye                  L x Krystal

Sand Castles                                              Choi Minho x Sulli

Of Heartbreaks and Confessions      Park Hyungsik x Go Ara

All or Nothing                                            Onew x Jessica

The Secret Admirer                                 Yoo Seung Ho x Kim So Hyun, featuring Kim Yoo Jung    

Almost is Never Enough                        Daniel Henney x Jung Ryeo Won

Friends with Benefits                             Park Hyungsik x Go Ara

Just Friends?                                             Choi Minho x Sulli

Addicted                                                      GD x IU

Oppa                                                             Oh Sehun x Kim Sejeong

One More Try                                             Choi Minho x Sulli

Random Drabbles                                  Kang Minhyuk x Krystal, Oh Sehun x Kim Sejeong, Park Hyungsik x Go Ara

Random Drabbles 2                                  Kim Myungsoo x Go Ara, Choi Minho x Sulli

Any pairing/scenario request? Please do let me know by commenting as I might be amenable to writing one for you. Please do note that I only do straight idol/celebrity pairings though. :)

My current personal faves would be "Of Weddings and Goodbye," "Of Heartbreaks and Confessions" and "Friends with Benefits." What about yours?  As always, feedback is highly appreciated. :)

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Possible prompt for oneshot:

"We've been there before, we've been through that door, don't you fall until we know for sure."

Now, whom to use as characters for this one? Any suggestions?
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