Pick me? Pick you? (Hiatus until further notice)

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Despite having a love hate relationship, Kang Daniel is my oldest and best friend since birth.


You're wondering how I was able to manage to have the notorious Daniel in my life right?


It's a VERY...not interesting story.


My mother and his mother have been best friends since childhood and did everything together and I mean EVERYTHING as though they’re conjoined to the hip.


Exhibit A - Both went to the same middle school, high school, university and did an oversea exchange together in the SAME country.


Exhibit B - They lived together in a small apartment after university and worked in the same company but in different departments for a few years before starting their own business respectively.


Exhibit C - Both met the love of their life AKA our fathers on the same year and went on plenty of double dates ALMOST every weekend.


Exhibit D - Got engaged in the same year. Daniel's parents married first while my parents married a year after due to the fact my mother got into a 'little' accident (She was pregnant with my oldest brother. THE HORROR! OMG!). However, they did marry in the SAME wedding hall. 


Not besties if they didn't! #bestiesforlife


Exhibit E - Although I’d already got two older brothers and me, being the third addition to the Jung Clan (Probably an unexpected yet passionate mistake from the parents but what can you do?) However, for the Kang family, it was their first child after trying for many years. The best friends were ecstatic they were both pregnant at the same time.


Did I say they do EVERYTHING together?


So you could see since birth why Daniel and I spend every waking minute together right?


We eat together.


We had play dates.


We spend hours in each other’s home and play video games all day.


Or go rock climbing at the nearby gym near our house.


We struggle with homework together on a small table we eat snacks on.


We go to the convenience store and stuff ourselves with cup ramen or whatever we could get our hands on.


We go out just the two of us and act like a bunch of lunatics.


Except for Chuseok, our family spend most holidays together including birthdays and Christmas.


It didn’t really help that we went to the same schools, had the same friends and both worked on weekends in our mother’s shops which are right next to each other so every break we had, we go next door and hang out.


Now we’re even going to the same university coincidentally...




At least our parents were ecstatic that we weren't going to be alone in a new place


Luckily we don’t share the same birthday month because that would be TOO much! I was relieved I was born first.


Although he really hates it when I force him to call me 'Noona' despite our birthdays are only four months apart.


But that's how our relationship is. There's always love between the two of us even though we annoy each other to no end.


Obviously, there are always rumours going around that we’re actually in love with one another and secretly eloped in Hawaii with just us two and a stray dog as a witness.


Would I be the husband though? He can be such a GIRL sometime but has yet to be proven...If he even has a 'you know what' down there?!


Ick! Puke-worthy much?!


I’m older now (and hopefully wiser) but nowadays when I see Daniel, there’s something different about him…


And I can’t pinpoint it...


it's distracting!


I will get to the bottom of this!!!



I don't know where I'm going with this and I am very sure you ALL don't know what's going on.

Had already started writing this before Wannaone even debuted (Maybe the last two episodes of Produce 101 S2?) and went along with it. Still debating if I should add all the Wannaone members but I am too lazy!

Honestly, know nothing about their likes and dislikes and relying on Wannaone forums to get an idea (ONLY found out Daniel is actually allergic to seafood! He eats seafood in one of the chapters! DON'T DIE ON ME!)

All characters are fictional so no 'OPPA IS NOT LIKE THIS!' or 'ARE YOU A HATER?!'  

I can't even swear or write suggestive words on this fiction without the words go missing! Editing is going to a b-i-t-c-h!

Writer's block.com.
Please bear with me. -___-

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Chapter 18: So ahmee indeed has a feeling for jonghyun, this is getting complicated.. if daniel has feelings for her too
btsxexo #2
Chapter 18: MinhyunXNayoung? Hmmm... would really love to see Nayoung’s love life too but that might be a seperate fanfic on its own ^.^ BUT YEAY TO JONGHYUNxAHMEE interactions! thank you for the update despite the writer’s block!
btsxexo #3
Chapter 17: OmO! Will love blossom between Nayoung and Daniel? But then again its just flirting like u said authornim... however with Donghan now in the picture, who will win Ahmee’s heart?! thanks for the update

P.S i honestky LOVE JJY and that u used him in the story as Ahmee’s brother is just >.< for me! But who her other brother though! Is it another idol?
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Chapter 15: Daniel X Nayoung interactions is something to look forward too!! But if Daniel and Ahmee ends up together, wont he just hurt Nayoung. I mean it would create drama but ... anyhuss THANK YOU FOR THE UPDAE
Chapter 15: Ah dont tell me daniel is starting to like nayoung? Please ahmee and daniel needs to advance forward like dudeeeee
Chapter 14: Is ahmee finally warming up to jonghyun? She starts to get comfortable with him
Does this story have any M rated scenes?
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Chapter 13: Yay to updates!! Thank you for the update author-nim!! Reading the update was the first thing i did once i woke up :)) The story is just sooooo good! But why didnt Ahmee invite Jonghyun over? Was hoping to see more than one Ahmeex jonghyun interaction in a chaoter but oh wells the bench oart was more than enough!

Ps I love sassy Eunki -JBJ DEBUT FIGHTING!!!
Chapter 13: Aww ü updated yeyyyyy
Chapter 12: Aw none of daniel and ahmee's interaction was seen :( jonghyun keeps on making his move on ahmee and ahmee starts to get annoyed by it? Yeah i know that feeling