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You are the daughter to parents who passed away early and the granddaughter to a billionaire Grandfather. Your loving Grandfather owns a high-end sauna in the mountains and sent you to college in the city. Growing up in the mountains, you had the littlest knowledge of fashion but the biggest dreams to be something big. The college you’ve always wanted to attend is the famous Pledis University of Elite Performing Arts centered in the middle of the huge city but your talents were slightly, averagely, too low to get in. Whether if it was a jinx or fate, when you accidentally caused a fire crime at your college your ruling punishment is to withdraw from your school and janitor the halls of Pledis University for a year.

As the curious and naive janitor from 5pm-9pm, without having a clue you encounter 13 of the most liked and hardworking men in Pledis University. Each one you come across brings with them a charming and handsome character. How will this reverse harem tale leave you after your one year service at Pledis University? 


A note from me to you:

Dear readers and members of AFF, I hope you will enjoy this story. I also hope you love SEVENTEEN as much as I do. Thank you for your time. <3
I have written the story using their stage names and real names on purpose so please don't get confused or wonder why I didn't stick to one name. Thank you for understanding. I appreciate any comments, upvotes and encouragements. =) 

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Excerpt from the story:

Walking pass Jun and not in the mood to talk you waved him off and replied, “Not today.”

They all stood, 13 of them, as they watched you cross the street and disappear at the corner.


“You know her?” Seungcheol and Wonwoo asked in harmony.

“No…well sort of…why?” Jun replied.

“She is the janitor,” Chan chimed in, “Hoshi and I had her help us get new batteries for the clock in the dance room. Well...a whole new clock.”

“What?” Joshua asked, “I thought that was just an outfit…?”

“What?” Seungkwan laughed, “she is wearing a janitor suit Joshua.”

“She almost ruined my photographs the other day,” Jeonghwan added and ran his fingers through his hair.

“So, she is a jan, ni, tor?” Vernon asked slowly pronouncing each syllable carefully.

“I think she’s a stalker,” Minghao assumed and looked at Vernon.

“A stalker?” Woozi repeated and then continued, “she cleaned the room I was in the other day.”

“That’s interesting…” Mingyu spoke curiously as he rubbed his chin. Before he could add in more words Seokmin spoke up.

“No. What’s interesting is that she is my neighbor.”

“YOUR NEIGHBOR!” all 12 of them exclaimed in unison.

“Seokmin would make some stupid joke like that,” Hoshi said with a laugh and all the other guys laughed as well.

“I’m serious,” Seokmin stated trying to persuade his friends of the truth but when he heard them chuckling away their silly laughs he couldn’t help but giggle with them. Then he added, “But it’s true.” That did nothing but cause a louder commotion of laughter between the men.


**Please be aware that everything is fictional. Thank you. =)

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