Ever met with a time when you think that your whole life is in a mess? That's what Tiffany thinks her life is.



Reminiscing about her past, she could not help but feel some regret. At the same time missing a certain someone who has made so much positive impact in her life who is not part of it anymore. Tears start flowing out of her eyes as the stress has been eating her up, not having any idea about what to do with herself anymore.


Author's Note:

Hey guys... It's been many years I actually settled myself to write something, even more when it's not  a songfic that I had been used to. I've been so busy with my life that I think I'm losing myself, which is why I'm back here again. I have the storyline in mind but I haven't started writing. Hopefully I can finish it this time and not give up halfway again. 

p.s. I dun even know if anyone will read omg who am I talking to. T.T

Hey guys! take a look at my new fic!

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Chapter 6: Even though i'm still hoping for another chapter instead of hiatus, but i will respect your decision author-nim. :)
U did great job here
hope to see more of ur fics around
Chapter 5: I really love this story
Hanhasung_09 #4
Love this story^_^
Alwaystaeny3981 #5
Chapter 2: Hmm. Interesting ^^
sonyeounnie #6
Chapter 1: I'm glad you decided to write this! I think the plot is unique and has lots of room for development; it seems interesting and I'm looking forward to reading what happens next :) I like the way you switch between POVs too. It keeps things interesting and makes the story flow better