ed up love

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Oh Sehun, you smell like trouble and we both made a ing mess of ourselves.

Both of us are like the fire on a matchstick, we burnt out quickly but never of each other.

Oh Se ing Hun is trouble and I am ing in love with him.

Baek Su Min.

Name ; Sae Hanuel.

Oh Sehun.


5 years old, you and I standing opposite each other as I cried because you broke my set of crayons, I hated you.

10 years old, you and I are standing face to face with our hands outstretched because you pulled my hair and we got into a physical fight for that.

15 years old, you were on the street, drenched in rain as I held my umbrella over you, sheltering you and felt my heart shattered at the sight.

20 years old, you and I are looking at each other as you staggered over and kissed me in front of your girlfriend and in front of my boyfriend, sober as and it felt good.



Starting chapter : 02/07/2017

Ending chapter : 05/01/2018

Each chapter : 4 pages long

Will be overseas, unable to update until the 21st! (: will try to update ASAP when I get back =^^=

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Chapter 28: Wow! As in Wow! All i can say is Wow for this story! *clap,clap* this story gives me a roller coaster emotions and feelings. At first i hesitated to read this story because there is no a lot of votes and views. And those first few chapter is kinda boring to be honest *peace* but when i keep reading it makes me want to read it until the end and it makes me interested on what’s going to happen of their love story. So after i’ve done reading it, all i wanted to say is WOW! And this story is really Amazing! :) So i really think that this story deserves a lot of votes and views. I really hope that this story make it to popular and be recognize as one of the best Sehun’s fanfiction story. :) And i really really loved how you create Sehun and Hanuel relationships even tho they face a lot of drama and trouble but in the end they still get back together and had a happy ending. :) *bravo* thank you for this wonderful story authornim! :)
Riris16 #2
Chapter 28: I was crying while reading your note authornim. I am also struggling and the problem almost similar with you. I hope you keep strong, you have been doing well. Cheer up!!! This story is nice with its up and down, I'm glad in the end they end up together. Sehun and Haneul deserve happiness :))
Chapter 23: Im so touch you put my name on previous update, btw i always say something thats really how i felt and you really deserve it :)) and whats wrong authornim? I'll always believe that everything that happen to me either is good or bad, God planned it because it best for me even what i think is the bad one i'll always get something that i could learn from that, so whatever happen to you always believe that youre not alone and you dont know how much you give your reader happiness when they see your notification update XD So cheer up authornim :))
Chapter 21: This story deserve a lot of subscriber and comment really, the plot and the writing style are really good! And its getting interesting each chapter. I like their interaction :)) and enjoy watching produce 101 authornim
Chapter 18: Waaaa more interestin, so curious is he his brother? And why he do that?
Chapter 16: This story is so interesting, the plot so interensing and your writing style is so great. This fic deserve a lot of subscriber and comment authornim, so here i am commenting because you really deserve it :)) Hwaithing authornim and cant wait to see another update XD
Chap 6 done. 9 more to go. This is interesting
Chapter 13: TTTT i ship sehun and haneul to hard ??