my hands may not always reach you but i will always feel you
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Jongmi is smiling now, too. It is hard to not smile when Sehun is a blazing endless source of joy in her life. In fact, most days are spent questioning how on earth did she get this lucky to have such a beautiful man in her life. Sehun is so much more than a pretty face but a kind soul, a generous heart, and a thoughtful mind.


It occurs to her that some men are quite dangerous because she had unknowingly offered her heart to Sehun far before she knew what she was doing. She remembers vividly the first time she stepped into her favorite cosmetics store to see the tall, well-built, polite employee. It had almost startled her because within moments Sehun was inspecting her face and suggesting small things to help her skin. Normally, she might take offense to this but she could tell that Sehun meant no harm and was totally confident in what he suggested.


It started off with frequent visits to the store to catch glimpses of Sehun and when she was more brave to ask him if any new products had come in. There is no doubt that her style changed after becoming increasingly more interested in cosmetics (thanks to Sehun, of course) to the point Baekhee about it frequently.


By the time Sehun asked her for coffee Jongmi was certain she was in love. The softness of Sehun’s larger hand in her own made her feel secure. The sweetness of his cologne and his attention to the smallest details. (Like Jongin loved coral colors and didn’t like her drinks bitter.) It was just so magical to look into Sehun’s kind brown eyes and see no ill intention. He was a man unlike any other and somehow fate had decided he would like her back.


He is affectionate to a fault with no qualms about showing it. He is incredibly respectful and extremely doting. His willowy fingers brush her long dark tousled hair behind her ear as he leans in close to leave a small kiss on her temple. Jongmi cannot help but smile up at him seeing his eyes squint in pleasure. Every touch is gentle and every smile is genuine.


“Lovebirds break it up. Customers are here.” Seulgi calls from the back of the store and Jongmi blushes faintly.


“Jongmi is a paying customer as well.” Sehun defends although he lets Jongmi use his employee discount far too often, “I saw a new lip product I though

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