One year of Taemin

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Taemin goes on holiday and meets someone, then his life changes, this story is about how one meeting shapes his future. Warning does contain some , though not all the way through.  Inspired by Flame of love album. 


This story is set between 2015 'view' era, and Sayonara Hitori 2016.  It is supposed to be a realistic representation of the world of Taemin, however, I do not know Taemin (wish I did) and I do not mean to cause offense to anyone, including Taemin or anyone mentioned in this story at all, I have just interpreted what I have seen of a man whose life is in the public eye more so than others, and put my own spin on it for, lets say, artistic effect. 


What started as a simple idea of two people meeting on holiday developed into a year-long romance and how that isn't always a simple journey.  For anyone who has been in love, for anyone who has been heartbroken, for anyone who realized that love isn't the fairytale they imagined but the constant struggle of life and reality and keeping who you are together, this is for you.  


I hope for those of you who have been checking in regularly, you enjoy the ending.  For anyone starting out this story (I know it's really long, and I apologise!) I hope you enjoy it from start to finish.  

If there are any questions, please post them in a comment or write to me and I will try my best to answer anything you have.  

For Jonghyun who features predominantly in this story. To his band members, his beautiful sister, everyone who knew him, my heart breaks for you. It is easy to say 'if only we knew' but I hope he is at peace, I hope his pain is gone. I hope he knows he did well until the very end.

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Chapter 64: omg wow thank u so much for wrting this beautiful and emotional sotry, i loved it so much, i loved how u protraid the charatres and sayed true to the sotry and not just go crazy and put smth impossible to u stayed as true as it can get if u know what i mean hahaha i like how u incorporated taemin jpn concert and songs into the story tbh i was kinda lost on thhe time and space xd
overall i hope u continue to write beautiful stories like these and dont get sad if it doesn't get much attention at first, these things take time ;)
noomin #2
Chapter 64: Yessss i loveee the endinggg reallyyy
ts6258 #3
Chapter 64: Sweet, sweet ending. Love that you brought in some of Taemin's VLive show in the chapter. This was perfect, thanks so much.
Chapter 63: WHAT NOOOOO
noomin #5
Chapter 63: Noool plzz don't end it like that noooo
noomin #6
Chapter 62: Omggg i want them to end up happily together
noomin #7
Chapter 60: Update soon plzzz
ts6258 #8
Chapter 56: Wow! This is so good. Well written and probably closest to how reality could be that I've read. Please keep going. Love it also that you update frequently.
Chapter 56: goddd whyyy :( first stabbed and now this im so sad
noomin #10
Chapter 49: Update sooon plzzzzz