Two C's

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Tzuyu and her best friend Dahyun catches a cute girl leaving her phone behind. the two compete on who gets the cute girl's phone. 


YOOOO hii, this is gonna be short probably like 3chapters but please enjoy :)) 

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Chapter 4: SaTzu as the leading couple plz! That comment though the arrogance tskkk lol SaTzu is genuine and they don’t need to fanservice and flirt as if they’re actually a couple just for people to say they’re cute and or they’re “real” because their chemistry is natural and it isn’t done for the sake of pleasing us SaTzu shippers. SaTzu moments little or big we appreciate them and they’re cute like that. At the same time antis are triggered lol. Just SaTzu staring at each other they will go bonkers coz their chemistry is undeniably strong and they can’t bring it to themselves to accept the truth. Stay pressed hehe.
Chapter 4: #TEAMSAIDA
Chapter 4: Waiit did you decide to change the ending??
SmolSoftSavage 16 streak #4
Chapter 4: SATZU FTWWWW!!!
Chapter 1: Saida FTW call it fanservice but their bond is clearly much cuter and stronger than Satzu <3
Devone1225 #6
Chapter 1: hope you'll still consider to update this story.. I've been waiting for you authornim TT please do a comeback.. youre one of my faves
Quenxess #7
Satzu FTW
Saida=Fan service
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Chapter 3: SaTzu ftw!
All is well,I like to read,but I would personally like Saida. They told me as a closer,fit together,well this is my personal opinion.Waiting for updates)