itchy sensations

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soulmates!au where everything that appears on hyungseob's skin would appear on euiwoong's skin as well.

a small complication of moments hyungseob and euiwoong communicated via skin ( & maybe via spoken language too idk )



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teddysenpais #1
Chapter 11: this is so cute i'm squealing !!!!!
Chapter 10: aww sad it's ending soon TT Please write a sequel author-nim. This is so cute
Beautifulxdeformity #3
Chapter 10: Aww they finally met ♡
And I'd love to read a sequel ^-^ It's one of the cutest fics I've ever read~
Chapter 8: AWW, SO CUTEEE
joys0903 #5
Chapter 8: Ahhh our woongie got jealous, hehehe
We will wait patiently for your update authornim... :)
Beautifulxdeformity #6
Chapter 7: Oh my, poor Euiwoong ;-; I hope he'll get better and that Hyungseob will help him with it
That fic is so cute, I love it ♡
I'm looking forward to next updates ^w^
joys0903 #7
Chapter 4: This is cuteee
I love this soooo much!! Heheheh
khietnhu #8
Chapter 3: So happy that I finally found a Hyungseob fanfic with EuiWoong in it.