Taking Care of The Moon & Sun Stories

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                        Solar x Moon Byul


Hey :)


I decided to make this slot for a quickie one-shot collections of moonsun.


Update might not be severe but haha.. nevermind.


Hope you guys enjoy. ^^


Moon & Sun is LOVE <3

Is it still relevant for me to continue the writing?


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Taitai84 74 streak 0 points #1
Chapter 32: Yep that's all our reactions too when we heard about the fishing
Twinkle30 0 points #2
Chapter 2: Hahahahaha XD Yong is sleeping in the couch!
Emily_fv #3
Chapter 31: moonseul
98 streak #4
Chapter 31: just the name or do u want the lnks?
i can recommend some taeny *U*
Quilacutie123 11 streak #5
Chapter 31: Was i dreaming by the moonishers, cross my heart by Hwabyul, You In my memory by RussetMeng, Hush by Byulyi143 and Sanctuary by Moomoos_President (Actually I still have a lot to recommend but that’s all my fave as of now) hehehehhe
Chapter 31: This morning I checked your stories and it seemed you have deactivated your acc for some time? Glad you're back T.T
As for fics recommendation hmm do you mind reading mine? lmao
Lonalornd #7
Chapter 31: Moonsun
hyuklover_eida #8
Chapter 30: lonely, pathetic and feeling is okay tho.. it's normal... we are human after all... but don't overthinking too much.. you're here, we all are here to hold you, just let us know...
sheldon_90 #9
Chapter 30: Being not ok is totally ok. Hope you get what I mean. XD Anyways, hope you feel better soon author..even just a little. Small steps still progress :)
hyuklover_eida #10
Chapter 29: feeling moody??