Taking Care of The Moon & Sun Stories

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                        Solar x Moon Byul


Hey :)


I decided to make this slot for a quickie one-shot collections of moonsun.


Update might not be severe but haha.. nevermind.


Hope you guys enjoy. ^^


Moon & Sun is LOVE <3

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Ririjr26 #1
Chapter 24: So..yongsun is not solar..(._.)
jamiekohrw #2
Chapter 18: WTFFF
23 streak #3
Chapter 15: Ah.. this is cute <3
Dubuonewmvp #4
I completely understand how you're feeling author-nim. I'm sure she'll understand & love you unconditionally ❤️
I guess this is everyone out there to their dearests. I am always afraid of losing them for my insecurities. Or well, I don't have any in particular to be honest, it's just that it's hard to stand me. I feel you, you are not alone and I wish that that person to whom you're addressing this letter will understand.
sssapaul88 #6
Home is where your heart is?heee
Chapter 21: Cute
That would be new you for sure..
And it's good step on better changes.
Good luck.. ^.^
lovechoco #9
Chapter 22: Ofc it is I'm sure everyone has certain points of themselves they are not confident in. But I'm sure you have much more talents than that!!! Always try to think of the positive!! It may not be easy but it'll save u quite a lot of emotional trouble and useless worry. In the end not everyone or even no one would judge or look at you based on that flaw. They might not even notice it. (I feel like I'm saying so much hehehe)
wellsbythewell #10
Chapter 22: Yeah
Why shouldn't it be OK?