Were We Meant To Be Together?

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Kyungsoo had no idea that filling some random form would lead him to an arranged marriage with none other than Prince Chanyeol.

A/n This is my second story here and this will mainly focus on Chansoo.

The main pairing is Chansoo.

Side pairings will be Laysoo, Sesoo, Chanbaek, Baekchen, and Sulay.

It will be multi-chaptered.

The story will be updated by tonight, if not tomororrw.

There will be .

It will be Modern Royal Au and Arranged Marriage AU with Prince.Chanyeol and Civilian.Kyungsoo.

Other characters will be revealed later.

Story Featured on December 11th, 2018!

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“What do you mean that I have to get married to him? I don’t even know his name!!” Chanyeol said frustrated. He doesn’t understand why the hell his father wants him to get married to a normal civilian! “I don’t want to listen anything. What I have decided for you is final. You will get married to him. That’s it.” His father said with utmost authority. “But father!” he yelled. “Enough. Your father has made the right decision for you. Its time you get married and more over Kyungsoo is a good guy. You will be happy with him.” His mother interrupted. Chanyeol sighed dejectedly because he knows that there is no way he is getting out of this. He has to, no matter what, marry this guy named Kyungsoo.

“What do you mean I am getting married to the Prince?” Kyungsoo asked with utter disbelief. “I don’t know Soo but its what it seems to be. You have been selected for the Prince…” Yixing said sympathetically. “But how the hell did this happen? I don’t understand… I just filled some random form and the next thing I know is that I am getting married to the Prince! Does this even make any sense?” Kyungsoo said, still in shock.

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