(Un)fear Him.

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Working in a hospital can creep anyone out. Sometimes you feel like there's someone watching your every move, and you feel like you're being followed from one corner to the next. I can relate to that more than a person who can say geronimo fifty times in one second. Why? Because.. something followed me home - someone. He won't leave me alone, he feeds off of my anixety and fear. He refused to let me lead on a normal life - his red eyes glowing in the mist of the night. 

Fearing him makes him stronger. He was out of his realm and I always thought that he was the Angel of Death - but I seem to be mistaken because he's much more than that. No one knows what he's capable of - which is why you shouldn't provoke him or all hell breaks loose. His wrath is more than a living human can handle.


Title: (Un)fear Him.
Genre: Romance?, Supernatural,
Horror, Monster!Au.
Pairing: Baekhyun x OC ; Sehun x OC 
Point of View: First (Miyoung), Third.
Featured: EXO, Red Velvet, NCT.
Time Start: 06/23/17
Time End: N/A

(UN)FEAR HIM — ✎ [210909]

Thank you all for the support of the story!! It’s been awhile since the last update & to see many still support it warms my heart 🥺❤️
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