Oh NaNa (A Bmin fanfiction)



Going through her third year of high school, Somin is still constantly bothered by guys and also girls, wanting her only because of her looks and popularity and the little things they know about her being kind and smart, but there is more to her than that, only her close friends and family know about the hidden gems in her.

But that is about to change when a new guy transfers to Somin's high school, determined to figure out the girl he stumbles upon.


I was inspired to write this fanfiction from the songs, -Oh nana, Don't recall and Rumour. 

Ever since I read the lyrics to Rumour I was determined to write a fanfiction of it, and started writing a 'demo' to it, but then I realised I need to tell something more, then I got the idea to write a trilogy based on the three songs. 

The lyrics to all the songs are like watching or reading a drama so I thought why not write it down before someone else does it, and If someone has, that's life, I will continue this even so because no book is the same. The idea might be same but the plot is not.

So I'm planning on writing 3 books:

Book 1 - Oh NaNa (on going)

Book 2 - Don't recall (hopefully coming)

Book 3 - Rumor (hopefully coming)

The books follow the storylines of the songs they are named after.

Also, I originally started writing this in Wattpad and my username in there ChanyeolsFrizzy, so if you stumble upon this same fic with that username, it's mine. I still write in wattpad but many people don't use it so I put it in here too. And that is why in the book cover the author name is ChanyeolsFrizzy.

Due to my personal problems my updates aren’t currently consistent. I apologise greatly and hope that you will enjoy reading this.


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Chapter 12: It over T.T, I absolutely love this story so much ^_^, thank you and I hope doing ok, keep up the good work.
Chapter 11: Amazing chapter ^_^, thank you and I hope you can better soon, I really appreciate all the work you’ve done on this fantastic story but you’re heath comes first ^_^. I hope you’re doing ok and start eating regularly, I don’t know what you’re going though and I’m not going to pretend like I do but I’m here for ya ^_^, thank you
Chapter 3: This very manga like lol but I absolutely love it ^_^, on to the next chapter, thank you
Teamokard #4
Chapter 12: Omg is so good, please keep posting ♥️
Blubber7 #5
Chapter 11: This is soooo good
the poster is so beautiful, queen somin (⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎) looking forward to read this story ♥️
SoupForNicole #7
Chapter 12: Omg nooo you can't stop there!! They're going to have a sleepover??? And they're hanging out while Somin is dressed dangerously y?? Ahhhh!

Happy New Year Author-nim :)
Chapter 12: YASSS BMIN <3
SoupForNicole #9
Chapter 11: Omg so cute <3 I haven't been on in a while so I reread the whole thing! My BMin feels are off the charts right now!! That old lady at the cafe is so team BMin, love her haha!

Hope you feel better soon Author-nim :( hopefully KARD's comeback helps you feel stronger!! Himnae!