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(n.) floating world ; living in the moment, DETACHED from the bothers of life
ukiyo ; 浮世
Welcome to Ukiyo! ukiyo is a japanese word meaning floating world aka living in the moment. this roleplay was made by the admins trying to creating a place for everyone to enjoy the moment and make memories with each other by making friends and having a wonderful place to stay in. this roleplay is meant for you to take a moment to breathe and have fun!
admin rosè
hello and welcome to UKIYO rp! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. write about this much!!
admin yongguk
hello and welcome to UKIYO rp! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.  write about this much!
admin jungkook
hello and welcome to UKIYO rp! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.  write about this much!
admin onew
hello and welcome to UKIYO rp! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.  write about this much!
admin jennie
hello and welcome to UKIYO rp! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.  write about this much!
coming soon.
hello and welcome to UKIYO rp! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.  write about this much!

01 : subscribe is a must when applying & upvotes are optional.

02 : doc drama is prohibited. please know the difference between ooc and ic. if you wish to talk ooc please use brackets.

03 : you must post a picture within 24 hours in your arrival. one week of inactivity is an automatic kickout.

04 : there are unlimited character changes, please do not take advantage of this. there are temp character changes, they will last only for one week. 

05 : there will be a one week dating ban, we want you to get to know the person first. if you are in a relationship please let the base know.  

06 : please make sure to private your account. we are a closed roleplay, we do not want an unknown person liking nor commenting on your posts.

07 : please refrain from readzoning, facechasing, & from creating cliques. we want everyone to feel like they are at home, we will give out warnings if this is seen. password: what is your favorite icecream?

08 : if you wish to go on hiatus or leave the roleplay please notify the base.  you may go on hiatus for only one month and go on semi hiatus for 3 weeks. after you have returned from a hiatus you must be active!

09 : please make sure your posts are pg as well as your captions. we are not a roleplay and do not want anyone to feel uncomfortable!

10 : make sure to only follow the members of this roleplay, we will give out warnings if you have been seen following people from outside this roleplay. 

11 : just have fun and make friends! this roleplay is supposed to make you feel at home!!

                                  how to join

01 : must subscribe and upvotes if you can!

02 : please make sure to check the masterslist to see if your desired character is available, also check out the wishlist as well!

03 : please clear out your instagram account if you wish to re-use the old account. if you do not have an account please make sure to make an account as well as putting "ukiyo" somewhere on your accounts bio. 

04 : please wait until you are accepted by an admin. once you have been accepted please follow all the admins as well as the offical accounts. you will have 24 hours to follow all the accounts as well as making an account. we will give an extention to those who need it, the extention time will be 48  hours. 

faceclaim :
group :
ual orentation:
timezone :
password :
status : open & accepting
population : 141  cuties
established : april 21 2017

update (04/21) : ukiyo first opens.

update (04/28) : ukiyo x stay ; hunger games event.

update (05/21) : ukiyo's personality event ( one month event)

update (07/01) : ukiyo reopens

update (07/30) : ukiyo's first game night

aoa/  Choa.
apink/ naeun.
*blackpink/ rosèjennie. lisa. jisoo.
clc/ seunghee.
f(x)/ krystal.
girls day/ minah.
gfriend/ yuju. Sinb. eunha.
gugudan/ sejeong.
kard/ somin. jiwoo.
lovelyz/ Yein. JISOO. mijoo.
pristin/ roa.
*red velvet/ irene. yeri. wendy. seulgi. JOY.
snsd/  tiffany. taeyeon. seohyun.
twice/ chaeyoung. jeongyeon. momo. nayeon. tzuyu. sana
weki meki/ yoojung. doyeon.
wsjn/ eunseo. luda. meiqi.

soloist/ hyuna. bora. chungha. somi. choa. Hyolyn. hara.
ulzzang/ nahee. hyang. sumin. ura. sang hyun.
Model/ bora. yeji. jeongha. sora.
other/ maggie. haeun. melissa. hang. mònica. madison. seryna. 
Astro/ moonbin. eunwoo.
bap/ yongguk. daehyun. 
big bang/ gdragon.
btsjungkook. jimin. v. jin. hoseok. yoongi.
exo/ baekhyun. yixing. chanyeol. 
got7/ jaebum. mark. Jackson. Yugyeom. Youngjae.
ikon/ jinhwan. hanbin. bobby.
infinite/ Myungsoo.
monsta x/ kihyun. IM. shownu. minhyuk. wonho. hyungwon.
nct/ jaehyun. winwin. taeyong. jisung. renjun. mark. jeno. ten. Donghyuck. doyoung. chenle. johnny.
pentagon/ hongseok. yeo one.  yan an.
produce 101 hyungseob. seonho. jungjung. donghan. haknyeon. yongguk.
seventeen.wonwoo mingyu hoshi scoups jeonghan jun 
sf9/ rowoon.
sHINEE/ onew. taemin.
toppdogg/ bjoo.
vixx/ ravi. n.
wannaone/ guanlin. jihoon. jinyoung. daniel. daehwi. woojin. seongwoo. jaehwan. sungwoon. jisung. 
winner/ mino.

soloist/ samuel. dean. jaewon. jay park. christian yu. crush. gray.
ulzzang/ jiwoon. ziwoo.
Model/ minsung. ivan. gyeom. gyujeong. yuri. hyeoung min. yuto.
other/ luke. cole.

urgent, granted
rosè / pentagon babies and more active people!
doyeon / weki meki. btob. snsd. twice esp jihyo. yunhyeong. highlight. rest of monsta x. victon. jaejoong. bogum. changwook. knk. ioi. seventeen. infinite esp woohyun. vixx. toppdogg. uniq. more nice people.
bjoo / rest of pentagon and toppdogg.
yongguk / rest of bap
chaeeun / seo sungkyung. lee hoyeon. 
monica / amber. park bongyoung. more 1million dancers. 
yuju / snsd's sunny & some cute mami's w thicc thighs so i can ride them.
yein / day6's sungjin.
roa / sm rookies hansol and day6's jae
jennie / justin huang
irene / dean. heize.
jaehwan / wannaone's jisung and jung sewoon.
hyang / dean. bap. and more people to adpot.
hui / rest of pentagon
somi / a boyfriend.
ten / boyfriend.
jaebum x yein
dating 12/18/16
minsung x ivan
dating 03/15/17
hyungwon x jeongha
dating 03/21/17
jimin x jennie
dating 05/02/17
jun x taeyeong
dating 05/14/17
shownu x sinb
dating  05/25/17
jaewon x eunseo
dating  05/25/17
jackson x yugyeom
dating 06/17/17
mark x jihoon
dating 06/22/17
taehyung x irene
dating 07/07/17

jisung x chenle
dating 07/09/17

donghyuk x renjun
dating 07/11/17
scoups x jeonghan
dating 07/27/17 
guanlin x seonho
dating 07/30/17
luke x hang
dating 07/30/17
onew x hyang
dating 08/01/17
taeyeon x tiffany
dating 08/01/17
jinyoung x hyungseob
dating 08/04/17
woojin x seongwoo
dating 08/06/17
moonbin x donghan
dating 08/08/17
doyoung x jisoo
dating 08/11/17
mark x choa
dating 08/15/17
jungjung x sungwoon
dating 08/15/17


second activity check going on!


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