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where truth is a liar

​​​​and death is only a name​​​​​​. 


Genre: mystery, suspense, horror, psychological, action, romance, crime

Rating: PG-13

Warning: violence, some graphic scenes


Author's Note (please read):

Hello, everyone! This is my first attempt at a longer fic. I originally had posted a different version of this (as older readers know) but I was not satisfied with it. I have scrapped that since and I am now posting the revised version under this same link. The original had been received well, and I hope this revised version will too. I am working on new edits and trailers, so please look forward to those. 

Originally the inspiration for the fic came from those royalty rumours of EXO's comeback (too bad that didn't happen). I'm still keeping the title as Throne in honour of that. Thank you everyone for understanding. I hope you enjoy my writing~

Special thanks to @crossingbordersonown for guiding me and being supportive throughout my drafting and this major revision process <3



Cover photo edits are made by me but all photo credits go to their respective owners. 



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Chapter 13: Oh my gosh Minseok!!!!!!!! The Kims have so many secrets... I can keep guessing but I can never be sure tthat' why I like this so much..
So far, this story has piqued my interest and has my attention. I'm excited to see how it all concludes! ❤
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Chapter 12: So Chanyeol is supposed to know the person, it's a girl, is not after Jisoo (maybe), perhaps related to Lay, I still can't guess who it is. I hope no one dies but I guess that's not possible hahahahaha.
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Chapter 2: Is Minseok a part of the Kims? If he is, then I wonder why he's allowed to work with the police (?) since Taeyeon's dad actually told Taeyeon that working in the medical field is not appropriate for a lady of her class. I wonder if it's because she's a woman and Minseok's a man or because Taeyeon's and Minseok's parents have different views on this. This is, of course, assuming that Minseok and Taeyeon are related.

Could it be that the venue where the ball was held is actually Baekhyun's former home?
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Chapter 1: Based on Taeyeon's dream, it looks like Baekhyun is not a good guy, but I hope that's not the caae because I really like their scenes together--especially during the ball! I also feel like Baekhyun can somehow control emotions/feelings but that's also only because of the dream (and the fact that Taeyeon's beginning to feel some kind of way about hm)
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I still haven't figured anything out. This is making my brain work this is amazing hahahaha. Update soon I'm really excited. Fighting!
oh man this is a good story
Baekhyeol123 #8
Chapter 6: I want to know what will happen next!!!
Chapter 6: I really can't wait for the next chapter!!!! starting to anticipate what's coming up and who's the doll maker and who's the shadow etc.
Chapter 5: Awesome story, whats with the weird dollmaker tho?