Welcome to Hamlin, 

where truth is a liar

​​​​and death is only a name​​​​​​. 


Genre: mystery, suspense, horror, psychological, action, romance, crime

Rating: PG-13

Warning: violence, some graphic scenes


Author's Note (please read):

Hello, everyone! This is my first attempt at a longer fic. I originally had posted a different version of this (as older readers know) but I was not satisfied with it. I have scrapped that since and I am now posting the revised version under this same link. The original had been received well, and I hope this revised version will too. I am working on new edits and trailers, so please look forward to those. 

Originally the inspiration for the fic came from those royalty rumours of EXO's comeback (too bad that didn't happen). I'm still keeping the title as Throne in honour of that. Thank you everyone for understanding. I hope you enjoy my writing~

Special thanks to @crossingbordersonown for guiding me and being supportive throughout my drafting and this major revision process <3



Cover photo edits are made by me but all photo credits go to their respective owners. 


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