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The met each other almost ten years ago when she was the innocent, little teen singing and capturing the nation's heart. Now that they're Kings, things changed. They've both matured a little more, experienced a little more, and were broken a lot more. Reality was not easy to celebrities like them- living in constant scandals, mocking, criticism, and breaking- but there's a comfort with friends like her that helps him unload the burdens. However, he realizes it's a little more than just comfort he seeks.


Palette- Her

You know it, don't you? Time will pass and there's this sense of urgency- the sense of need to change. Sometimes, it gets too strong that it urges me to speak out. Scream, Shout, Rage. Anything.

For years, I've sang about the roses and perfumes. It may have changed through the years, but sometimes it left me wondering, you know? How does it feel like to sing something else? That instead of the hurting lines, or instead of the loving tunes, I could just speak nonsense and all the sense. I could growl on the mic and let all the brimming desire to be free. I admire him for that. I really admire him for that.

Maybe that's why I like working with him, or even just hanging around him. It felt like I could. Maybe, just maybe, I really could.

Change is scary, especially for the one thing I love to do. Change when I'm here on top-- when they call me Nation's Little Sister... scary.


Palette- Him

What have I known since the beginning? Nothing. Something. One thing. I want to do what President Yang did and more. Again, what have I known? Simply working hard and going with flow won't take me far enough. But there isn't a guide in the world to tell me what to do and how to do it.

Risk and risk and risk it. I've risk my childhood all for what I have now. I can't say I'm not thankful nor am I not happy where I am. I'm happy. I've been doing this since I was a mere teen, of course I'm happy. I have billions of fans. I have colleagues friends I enjoy working with. I have a great home. I have great things. One song and One Billion Won right in my hands. One song and One Billion pairs of eyes and ears at my beckoning words. Inspiring, motivating, what more could I ask?


Maybe that's why president Yang had been strict in the beginning. He didn't want us stumbling too far from the box, too far from home- from the normality.

Maybe that's why I like being around her. She's just... there. Unchanging yet still changing. It's amazing. She would not move but she was not idle. She was stagnant, but in the good kind. I needed that. I wanted to need that. 

But knowing I couldn't jump out of the box, roll away whenever I please... the thought sent a mass of butterflies in my stomach. Uncertainty of a new world was just terrorizing my mind. But, I can't help but look her way, admire her way.

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Chapter 13: Thx for the new chapter, it is a long time but worth waiting.
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