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You will miss your friends
Like the moon without stars
When the world corrupts
Its light

You will miss your friends
When air turns to smoke
And people cower back
In fright



From across the ocean, a boy stares into the waters, wondering if his memory lives in him alone, or if it exists like moonlight – casting light and shadows where it pleased. The vast expanse before him shifts and turns like breathing, ready to take journeyman on a quest to great unknowns.

Reflected in the water are memories of smoke and pine, a canopy of leaves turning into fog with the movement of the waves. Further out the memory of loss, icy waters that strip his senses, numbing him. And in the distance, fading as the sun climbs the horizon, the shadow of a man lost in the war.



Prompt: Hajime Hinata, Danganropa 2: Goodbye Dispair.
The future isn’t a path. It’s like an endless sea. You can try to go anywhere. But it doesn’t mean you’ll get there.”


Author's Notes
My first fanfic in a long time, featuring Bangtan's Taehyung & Jimin. The idea hit me at two in the morning, and tbh I'm really excited to write this. It focuses on the friendship between two boys during the Korean War (1950s).

Also, this is a submission for Shoes of a Unicorn Writing Contest
(check it out if you haven't already ^^)

As per usual, I'll leave a post-mortem at the end of the story, so leave any questions your have regarding the story or its creative process in the comments below.




This is a work of fiction using the names of BTS' Kim Taehyung and Park Jimin. In no way is this affiliated with BTS or the aforementioned people. The story is entirely my own, and any similarities between the story and other fictional works are purely coincidental. The poem above and story poster were made an belong to myself. Any act of plagiarism will be reported and and taken seriously. 

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Chapter 5: I reread this (again) and IT'S SO GOOD, WHY DOES THIS STORY NOT HAVE MORE COMMENTS
Chapter 5: *sniffles*

This story was amazing. It was short, but it showcased the emotions of the characters really well. That, and I loved the historical background of it!

Great job, I will definitely be checking out more of your works.



But they're okay, so I guess I should be happy...?
Chapter 3: Actually NAH.

Chapter 2: *SCREAMS*
Chapter 1: Actually, this chapter wasn't just enjoyable - it was beautiful.
This sounds really interesting!
Unicornly #8
It sounds interesting cant wait to read > . <