REPLY 2012

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Hanna opened the photo album she collected when she was young. She looked at one of the pictures of her and her four bestfriends, Jonghyun, Minhyun, Dongho, and Minki. Suddenly youthful memories she spent with them came to her mind. It was in 2012 when they just turned 18 years old, when they get through transitional period between puberty and adulthood, when everything felt so new and exciting and many experiences they have, helped them to be who they were right now. Hanna’s lips then made a curve as she looked at one of the guys in the picture she ever fell in love so deep. “Aaah, can I go back to that time again?”


A/N: I just got the idea of this story after I finished watching the hurtfull and exhausting Produce 101.. But no regret, I started knowing Nuest from that show.. Still disappointed though that Jonghyun couldn’t get into the team, moreover seeing Minhyun crying so bad at the back.. I’m gonna miss them, Dongho, and Minki so much.. So I tried to write this story, I hope you will like it ^^

This story is basically inspired from K-drama Reply series. If you find any similarity, then it should be credit to the scriptwriter ^^



CLC Seunghee as Kwak Hanna, Class 2B, Aaron’s younger sister, dreaming to be a singer

Nuest Jonghyun as Kim Jonghyun, Class 2A, president class

Nuest Minhyun as Hwang Minhyun, Class 2A, School’s prince

Nuest Dongho as Kang Dongho, Class 2C, a baby wrapped up in a man's body

Nuest Ren as Choi Minki, Class 2B, the Diva, prettier than any girls in school

Nuest Aaron as Kwak Aaron, Hanna’s older brother, sophomore in Journalism Yonsei University

Dalshabet Subin as Hwang Sujin, Class 3B, Minhyun’s older sister, ex cheerleader’s team.

MMO Daniel as Kang Daniel, Class 2C, Dongho’s closed friend in his class

BNM Daehwi as Lee Daehwi, Class 2B, Hanna’s closed friend in class, admire Minki

Apink Namjoo as Kim Namjoo, Class 2B, Hanna’s closed friend in class, don’t mind to do foolish thing with Hanna

Blackpink Jisoo as Kim Jisoo, Class 2A. Having crush on Minhyun

EXID Junghwa as Park Junghwa, Class 2A, always compete with Jonghyun to get the 1st rank


"It's disappointing that something I want so bad to achieve, my dream, my desire, is seen as a joke for others.."


"Don't be too hard on myself, you say? You should see it from my point of view. How it feels to always take from you, your family, other's family. It's embarrassing. It's burdening. But I'm helpless, I can't take care of my dad alone. So please let me do something for myself. I know it's hard. I know it exactly. But that at least can give me pride to face you."


"I was naive. I thought everything will be alright if I can see her happy. But in the end, her happiness is hurting me."


"Let me tell you, if I and my mom's research files were drowning to the sea, I bet  she will safe her research files before me."


"Stop treating me like a girl! I'm a guy. Respect me as a guy!"

Buat reader yg bisa bahasa Indonesia, boleh mampir ke akun Wattpad ku @emarginata, di Daybreak stories aku tulis one shot tentang Jonghyun hahaha

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Babe11 1 points #1
Chapter 59: my tears slowly rolled down at Minhyun's confession T^T. Now I changed my mind, I want Hanna to end up with Minhyun already, he's been hurt enough. He sacrificed enough, he should be happy soon! T_T
139 streak 1 points #2
Chapter 59: this chapter really shows a lot about minhyun, and of course the friendship between minhyun and jonghyun. at the part where minhyun confessed, i almost cried because of the overwhelming feelings as i feel bad for him. somehow, this chapter kinda leads to thoughts that hanna will end up with minhyun tho, but nothing's for sure at the moment. thank you for the update, its satisfying enough don't worry. i know, writer block is bad :(
antrakuinon 1 points #3
Baru mau baca tapi udah deg degan gimana dong:(
1 points #4
Finally!!!! Thanks for the update.. and he's finally confessed to hanna Hahahah
Authornim.. take your time, fighting!!!
1 points #5
Chapter 59: Just give Minhyun to me authornim ?

But i really have a feeling that Minhyun is Hanna's husband, because he said that Jonghyun is his bestfriend and yeah...HAHAHAHA idk anymore
1 points #6
Chapter 59: You don't need to hurry the story love. Just take your time. Er are not Going anywere. We still love the story and you ?
hisnoona 1 points #7
hisnoona 1 points #8
Chapter 59: I thought you wont update till may!!!!!! And i thought this is a polling survey or kind of!! LOL
oneofmillion 1 points #9
Chapter 59: Finally Minhyun confessed. After this I hope that Hana can date Jonghyun without feeling guilty anymore :) because Minhyun told her to be happy with Jonghyun and Minhyun will move on without any regret. I just wish that in the end at least I can see Minhyun happy with someone because first love tend to be just first love.
narissa 1 points #10
Chapter 59: tearing...y i am so emotional...

i know u can finish this story beautifully...