Torn Between The Three

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Love is really cruel.

Getting to the point that you have to choose

Making decisions that can hurt one or two person. 


But, that's love right?

You have to love but you have to hurt someone too. 


Momo was a Regular student in JYP university. She never expect that not just one but Three Girls will fall in love with her. 


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Chapter 29: Wtf. Should dahmo shippers throw a ball pit of party coz they might happen for real? Hahaha. I'm srsly into mimo but dahmo has been on it these days omg jsksjksksks
Chapter 29: Fck.
No tzumo
No mimo
129 streak #3
Chapter 29: it's really complicated aaahhhh!!! but it what makes the story more interesting ;)
J_T-ara_M #4
Chapter 29: This become more complicated
Chapter 29: Double kill
Rip mimo
Rip namo
Mitzu_Satzu_ #6
nooooo i want tzumo
Chapter 28: Mimo....
AugustK88 46 streak #8
Chapter 28: MiMo feels...
Chapter 28: Mimoooooooooo
J_T-ara_M #10
Chapter 28: I don't think momo will accpet mina feeling... i don't even think momo has a feeling for mina.. but.. still i like mimo!!