Miracles in Hell

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YOU were best friends with the most popular boys in school, they name themselves BTS

YOU dated the most popular girl in school, Seolhyun until you caught her cheating on you but before you could tell anyone, she spread rumours around you saying you cheated on her.

YOU got called names, beat up, lower class, more rumours were created as you were the 'bad guy'

YOU were the number 1 victim of all bullying on your school because of it, no one would believe you when there were many rumours going around about you. 

This lasted for 2 years until you went on a school trip with your 'ex friends' and classmates. What will happen when you go on a school trip to South Korea and run into F(x) and Girls Generation, 2 of the biggest well known girl groups in South Korea. What will happen if they took you in and turned your whole life around? From being hated all the time to being the most loved person, surrounded by beauties who changed you 



Hi guys, sorry if I make BTS the bad guys in this story and a few other groups. ANYWAYS~ New Story ^^ Hope you guys like this and don't forget to upvote, comment and give me feedback XD I love you guys :3


Much Sarangs


Thank you for tuning in to Miracles in Hell, I love you all! Much Sarangs
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