Hybrid Lost


In a world where royal blood used to mean everything, it can now have you killed. Struggling to find a life and settle without servants doing everything for them, are the descendants of the royal bloodline of housecat hybrids. Only a few decades ago they were among the most powerful families on earth, that was until the Amur leopard family decided they had enough of them and called in help from an unexpected enemy.

Tearing the family into bits of nothing wasn't enough for the strong opponent, next they took down their friend in battle: the royal leopard family.

Hybrids, especially the royal ones started to mix among the humans, they had considered inferior before, to hide themselves for the greater threat.

One tradition they could never changed though, a pure blood marries a pure blood.



Okay, so, here's the bummer (for most people, i think):

It's a slowly progressing story with long chapters. I guess, you can think of it as a book(?) eheheh, sooooorry -_-' 

BUT!!! it has almost every member of both EXO and BTS included AND handsome actors will also make appearances because I was too lazy to make up OCs (and it wouldn't be as cool to read about a male OC and not recognise him) and so i took whoever was available ^^ *thumbs up* *cough*

Uhm something else...?

yeah, i at descriptions and forewords.. 




i guess ,

or welcome and thanks for reading... eh




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xxCRAYONxx #1
Chapter 7: So..is Seonbin Jungkook's mate? I hope he treat her nicely next time.
Chapter 6: I can't believe I just found this today. It's so good!!!!