deja vu

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sometimes, there would be a situation that you cannot be able to distinguish the "dream" and the "reality", that situation would possibly happen to every person who lives in both "dream and reality" within that, you'll deal with the twist of confusion whether "have it already happen?" or "will it possibly happen?" you have to choose where you will believe and make it as your answer to your questions however, what may be your choice, you have to tolerate it, there has no wrong answer that's why tighten your belief in your choice and let the fate answer the rest.


second: this book is made from my imagination. all the events that you might have encounter before are merely coincidental.
third: i don't own any of the characters who will be included in my story.
fourth: this story will be written in lower case.
this story will consist of grammatical errors and punctuational errors. if there will be a lacking of description in a certain situation, i'll apologize for that since english is not my very first language but despite of not so good in the said language, i'm trying my best to learn deeper. 

    fifth and last: thank you for reading this in your spare time, i so much appreciate it xxx
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