Chocolate & Vanilla



When the shy girl who is pure as vanilla clashes with the oh so popular captain of the basketball team who is more like the flavour chocolate. A stupid science project binds the two together. Things turn interesting when he learns that she has never been kissed before. But what if she starts seeing the guy she hates and the guy she falls head over heels for, in a different light?
“She’s so vanilla.”
“He’s a jerk.”




Song Yuna, 18
A shy, nerdy-in a smart way-cute girl. Keeping her head behind books all the time, she has no idea about relationships or even how to kiss. Her source of happiness is her mother, her best friend-Nara-and her banana milk. Yuna is very beautiful but she keeps it hidden under her smart aura, she always has her hair braided, never down. She is slightly clumsy. She has a crush on Kevin, obviously being oblivious to his true personality.
Kris Wu, 19
Captain of the basketball team, arrogant af, attractive af, popular af, has every girl drooling over him but funny thing is he doesn’t like the idea of committing or falling in love, those are just manipulative aspects of stupid feelings. Flings and one night stands are within his category of ‘love’. High with pride and ego, he doesn’t like losing. As much as his aura is chilling, he’s quite the dork.
Kim Nara, 18
Outgoing, outspoken, cheerful-always having a smile on her face. Best friends with Yuna, she’s naturally caring, giving anyone courage and hope. Although she is not as smart as Yuna, she still tries to study. Give her anything cute, she will scream in happiness. Being oblivious, she doesn’t realise that someone actually likes her. Has a crush on Johnny.
Oh Riah, 18
Her beauty is one of a kind, her sharp hypnotising eyes attract every single male there is. But her beauty only lies on the outside, inside she is an obsessive, cunning, heartless . She loves playing games and love is just a game to her. She changes boyfriends like she changes her clothes. Riah is the head cheerleader. 
Kevin Lee, 19
Blessed with good looks and the ability to capture every girl’s heart, Kevin lives his life by having fun. He’s the captain of the football team. Also having high pride and ego, Kevin doesn’t like losing, he’s very competitive. Although he acts all kind and sweet towards girls, his only motive is getting pleasure.
Johnny Seo, 19
A cute, handsome guy who is the sweetest and dorkiest guy to ever exist. His kind nature shows in everything he does. He’s also on the basketball team and is quite good at playing the sport. Lives next door to Yuna so they’re good friends and like Yuna, he’s really smart. Johnny has a crush on Yuna.




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Chapter 22: Ok um daniel better watch it
2407briana #2
Chapter 31: Aw I'm glad they're together
25 streak #3
Chapter 31: I'm glad she ended with Kris, Daniel was like a brother or your neighbour you've grown up with. Kevin was... just a jerk. Although there was a point where I thought he'd changed, but I guess not.

I have to say though, this last chapter was really short
2407briana #4
Chapter 30: Ahnjhhhhhhhh! He finally asked her
Chapter 7: I'm only a few chapters in but I already love this fic.
Juneblues #6
Chapter 26: Love the storyline!!!

Yuna, girl. You need to confirm your feelings and stop leading our boys on.
lovesupergeneration #7
Chapter 23: Gawd! The best 2 hours I spend reading this story! It's sososoooo goood! The fluff and the jealously is the cutest thing ever! I am so in love of Kris and the gentle yet strong love he is showing! But honestly Daniel is such a sweet pea that I am having a hard time in not loving him, amazing story authornim fighting! New subscriber here!
2407briana #8
Yifanwifey #9
Chapter 22: Lmfao there are three jealous bunny ?
2407briana #10