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Suho will do everything for the other members, even neglect his own comfort to prioritize them. That's just how Kim Junmyeon operates. But someone wants to give him comfort and not to be comforted by the leader.


So I really want to write a story about my otps which are ChanBaek and SuLay so here it is. I'll probably write a ChanBaek as well. Because I'm feeling restless today. Anyway, I hope you like this. My first fluff story! Yay!

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[deactivated] #1
Chapter 2: Hi, I'd like the omegaverse chanbaek
Chapter 1: Hello! This was really short, but no other words were needed! You described very well the situation here, from my pov, so I really liked the story!

I can imagine Junmyeom actually being this selfless person, without doubting to do everything for s, even if that means that he would be tired or something like that, so I agree... he needs to be the one being conforted as well! :')

Thanks for writing this! <3
Chapter 1: This was so good. I can see Junmyeon taking care of everybody else but himself so someone (Yixing) has to jump in and take care of him. :'D
2Min4CheckingUOut #4
Chapter 1: It's so fluffing sweet. Love it. Please keep writing more sulay.
Chapter 1: xing is so cute!!! I love it!!! Keepp writing more sulay :)
Julie1 #6
Chapter 1: I hope you write more SuLay fics :) this was so cute I love when yixing takes care of Suho it's the cutest thing ever ^^
Chapter 1: short but sweet UwU awe xing is such a sweetheart. i laughed at the part where it said 'they don't like his cooking at all' same xing same XD
littlestarrie #8
Chapter 1: Its sweet tho :')
Love it... more Sulay pleaseeeee